A People Oriented Learning Approach

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 The science behind learning development is rapidly evolving as the demand increases for highly technical jobs. At iLearnERP, we evolve our training along with the ever-changing landscape to better assess business problems and needs. Training is changing as businesses better understand Adult Learning Theory and its application to specific corporate environments. Industry leaders often advance the [...]

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An Oracle Certification Project

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Did you know we are an Oracle Certified Delivery Partner and offer full exam prep for the four functional Oracle JD Edwards Certified Specialization exams in Distribution, Finance, Manufacturing and E1 Projects? In addition to offering certified exam preparation we also help create exam certification content. For our latest project, we worked directly with Oracle’s Business Development [...]

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iLearnERP on the Road

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We love traveling to visit our customers and to deliver live training, and this week we thought we'd highlight some of our travels. Our team is comprised of real trainers with years of experience who are dedicated to just one thing – training! Our latest live training was offered as part of a blended training delivery model [...]

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Don’t Forget the People Part of Digital Transformation

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The hardest part of digitally transforming a company is not the technology—it’s the sociology, says Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz. Read full article here:  http://bit.ly/2maMLNS. There are a variety of methods, techniques and strategies that make digital transformations a success: creative use of technology, business process and executive sponsorship to name a few. But don't forget the [...]

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Join the JD Edwards Immersion Experience at Collaborate 2017

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Attendance at Collaborate is more important than ever for JD Edwards customers. Why? Collaborate17 provides a complete immersion experience allowing customers to receive critical strategic guidance for business success in the future, learn about the depth and breadth of JD Edwards industry solutions and gain hands-on experience today, and network extensively with JD Edwards professionals and [...]

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How to Customize your KPIs for Effective Training

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We've blogged in the past about how to get the most ROI (Return On Investment) from your training, and how providing a blended learning model can help with greater ROI and justification for those spent training dollars. But how can better KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) help you plan and evaluate training? KPIs are meant to provide [...]

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How Does UPK Fit into Your Training?

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UPK is more than just your average training tool. While its value may seem to speak for itself, we've found that partnering UPK with other resources, such as live training or webinar sessions, along with providing full project life-cycle support is essential for a healthy training project. What kinds of things should be considered alongside UPK [...]

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Training Options for Today’s Granular Users

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The gap between the training employees want and the training employees often receive is something we think a lot about. In past blogs we have written a lot about customized training material and delivery to close those gaps, such as using a blended learning approach. We've presented a higher view of approaches to training in general [...]

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Our Newly Designed Website is Live with new DAS7 content!

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We are thrilled to announce that our newly designed website is live! It has a new look and feel, is more interactive and aesthetically pleasing, easier to navigate, and is responsive across various devices. We've made it easier for our visitors to learn about our services and solutions and access our on-line training platforms and resources. [...]

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Digital Transformation in a JD Edwards Digital World

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  Excerpt by Ward Quarles-Oracle on Nov 03, 2016 What does digital transformation mean for your organization? For most organizations, digital transformation replaces paper shuffling, manual data entry, and error prone human processes with technologies that digitize data. The broader goal, however, is to break down barriers between people, businesses, and things in order to accelerate [...]

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