Collaborate 2017

Collaborate 2017

We love participating in Collaborate every year and we hope you were able to attend one (or all!) of our sessions listed below. We had a fabulous time with our partners and customers!

Pre-Conference Training

Abstract: Pre-registration and a cost of $65 for this event is required during Quest’s conference registration. If you have already registered, add this function in myConference, the Quest online registration management tool, or via email through UPK is a powerful learning and documentation tool. In this class, you will learn to record, edit, administer and publish so you maximize the learner experience. Join us to explore the developer role including the creation and maintenance of the UPK library structure, associated HTML pages, topics, quizzes and explanation frames. Learn how to fold in features such as a glossary, sound, alternate navigation and interface customizations as well as basic administrative requirements. Limited capacity for Quest customers only. Equipment needed: Fully charged laptop with a local installation of UPK and access to your company’s UPK server.

Education Sessions

Abstract: There are many cases of UPK topics and courses built with great care but no longer being used – and many places where UPK has never been used! Join us for a discussion of the challenges of making UPK as an active learning tool, leveraging the Record It! tool to expand the SMEs creating content and using UPK for non-ERP applications (for example Kronos and custom applications).

Abstract: Over many years and many JDE implementations we know that SME and User knowledge are keys to success. Join Scot Fahrenbruch, as he shares his most impactful lessons learned for new, rapid implementations, projects and what you can apply to your organization.

Abstract: “I do need some high level of assurance that we can make positive use of the Oracle’s Knowledge Center, ” We heard from a large net new customer last year. Join us as we deep dive into this dilemma. We will discuss KC architecture, the difference between KC and KC Pro, setting up user groups, the importance of knowledge paths, and reports. Customers interested in measuring user competency can use KC to test two critical performance factors: conceptual (knowledge of underlying business processes) and functional (completing JDE tasks themselves). Learn how to unify these into a single knowledge path that can be measured/tracked together.

Abstract: UPK is an excellent resource for end user training, but how do you realize its full potential during your next implementation or upgrade? Explore real-life examples illustrating these 7 essential features and best practices for UPK, including style guide, in-app support, feedback loop, glossary, Record It! and how to integrate UPK within different LMS platforms.

Abstract: Skanska’s JDE Hybrid Cloud implementation leveraged a robust Local Deployment Team, Training the Trainer program and SME support network, in conjunction with the UPK tool to deliver a world-class implementation training program. Come hear the lifecycle of user adoption for Skanska’s user community – from project awareness and communication methods through go-live courses and documentation and on to long-term learning LMS program management.

Abstract: Curious about Digital Transformation? There are a variety of methods, techniques and strategies that make digital transformations a success; creative use of technology, business process and executive sponsorship to name a few. But don’t forget the people! Because these initiatives involve more risk and change than technologically-driven programs, a comprehensive change management strategy is vital to the overall plan. Come hear how to create a team driven OCM plan to sustain all the key players in your initiative.

Abstract: Have trouble keeping your UPK up-to-date? Users looking for current and deeper materials to advance their learning? Come hear new strategies for these old problems. Learn both technical tips and tricks for content upkeep as well as strategies for version maintenance and keeping learning fresh.