Our Valuable Team Members

Elizabeth Schriefer
Elizabeth Schriefer President, CEO and Trainer
Elizabeth attended University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She’s been teaching JDE since 2001, with a focus on distribution and manufacturing training, custom learning design, eLearning including UPK, project management and global implementations. She was Senior VP of Training and Organizational Change Management at TITAN before taking over iLearnERP in 2014. Elizabeth’s main joyous hobby is being an amazing soccer and hockey mom to her four kids. When she’s not running this company or running around her children, she enjoys running marathons, hiking and reading everything JDE.
Doug McCarthy
Doug McCarthyVP, Sales and Business Development
Doug graduated with an MBA from Fairfield University and has a solid background in managing both technical and business related IT initiatives. He is goal oriented with significant experience in Financial, Inventory, Procurement, Sales, HR-Payroll and Travel systems, as well as ERP implementations, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, policy, and procedure documentation. Doug’s hobbies include watching his kids crew, soccer, and basketball games, and coaching CrossFit.
Todd Nelson
Todd NelsonLead Learning Advisor and Video Production Manager
Todd graduated from the University of Colorado in Denver. He began work with JD Edwards in 1998 and supported the Distribution module for customers over the years. He has worked as a musician and since his teens has been a musical director in various capacities over the years. He has toured the US and worked at Disney World. He enjoys being an artist in photography, drawing, novel writing, writing movies, video production and musical composition and recording. He is married and has 4 terrific kids and 3 grandchildren.
April Favara
April FavaraTraining Consultant
April has significant experience in training and development, communications, teaching and research. She is currently pursuing a Certificate in Strategic Innovation and Change at the University of Denver. Her hobbies include spending time with her husband and kids, riding her bicycle, playing with her dog Winston, and going out with friends.
Rachel Masters
Rachel MastersOnline Learning Support
Rachel completed her undergraduate degree in History at University of Chicago and her graduate degree in English Literature at Southern New Hampshire University. She has worked in educational services, primarily higher education, for the past fifteen years and is always eager for new learning opportunities. She enjoys reading and being mom to an incorrigible corgi, Gracie
Amy Graves
Amy GravesTraining Consultant
As a PhD candidate, Amy researches technology in education at the University of Virginia, where she also received her M.Ed. She loves literature and holds a Bachelor’s degree in English. She enjoys traveling, hiking, poetry, and any endeavor concerned with education outreach. As a soccer and ski mom, she spends much of her time enjoying the outdoors with her son, and because of him, she also has become a Star Wars fan.
Diane Choe
Diane ChoeTraining Consultant
Diane received her B.S. in Business with an emphasis in Accounting from the University of Colorado Denver. She gained her interest in JDE when she got certified in JDE101. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, golfing, snowboarding, spending time with her family, and traveling.
Mason Davis
Mason DavisTraining Consultant
Mason graduated with his MA in Critical Theory from the University of Denver. He worked in professional development for higher education administrators prior to joining the iLearnERP team. His interests include instructional design, soccer, and philosophy. In addition, Mason enjoys coaching two youth soccer teams.
Brendan Keeley
Brendan KeeleyMaster Trainer
Originally from Philadelphia, Brendan ventured South to college and earned his Bachelor’s degree from Clemson University. After college and a stint in the U.S. Peace Corps, Brendan became certified as a teacher in Wichita, KS. Upon moving to Denver, CO, he began working in software implementations. In 2002 Brendan started working at JD Edwards in their customer support group. Since then he’s been training, consulting, and supporting E1, SAP and Oracle E-Business applications around the world. When not working, Brendan enjoys spending time in the mountains skiing, hiking and camping, as well as brewing beer and traveling.
Heidi Burke
Heidi BurkeMaster Trainer
Heidi is an avid learner so she fits right into the iLearnERP team! She has a BSBA in Management and Statistics, along with a Master of Science in Management with an emphasis in Training and Communication from the University of Denver. She also has a Certificate in Speech, Language and Hearing Science from the Metropolitan State College of Denver, as well as a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Colorado. Heidi specializes in manufacturing and finance, with extensive experience in adult learning theory, and training design and development.
Tim Christian
Tim ChristianTechnical Consultant
Tim in a valuable addition to the iLearn team. His depth in technical UPK knowledge is unprecedented. He has an M.S.E. in Effective Teaching from Drake University, a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Northern Iowa and an A. A. Magna Cum Laude in Mathematics from Waldorf College. His experience in JDE includes being a Technical consultant for multiple JDE EnterpriseOne and JDE World implementations with specialties in Financials, Distribution/Manufacturing, Human Resources/Payroll, and Reports. He enjoys running, swimming, baseball, basketball, and football.
Scott Arnold
Scott ArnoldMaster Trainer
Scott received his B.S. in accounting from the University of Northern Colorado where he cultivated his love of Finance. He quickly got a job at JD Edwards where he remained for 4 years learning the software. Scott’s real passion is training, and he has been training JDE for 14 years. He enjoys golfing, fishing and coaching his kids’ sports teams.
Cathie Collins
Cathie CollinsMaster Trainer
Cathie has a MEd from Temple University and a BA from Washington State University. She’s been a classroom and Web-based JDE Trainer, Training Content Developer, Senior Training Team Lead, and Project Manager for several JDE implementation and upgrade projects since 1998. Her hobbies include hiking, bicycling, animal rescue and traveling.
Beverly Finamore
Beverly FinamoreAccountant
Beverly has been working in administration and bookkeeping for both large and small companies for over 25 years and holds a degree in business accounting. She is currently responsible for invoicing, accounts receivable, expense accounting, and managing referrals. Beverly enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, quilting and volunteering at Castlewood Canyon State Park.
Terry Ortlieb
Terry OrtliebBusiness Development Consultant
Terry is our strategic business development consultant. His vast experience reaches from Executive Director at TeleTech, VP and COO at TITAN Technology Partners, Business Development Executive of Global Services Division at IBM and of course Director of Services for JD Edwards.
Terry belongs to the Philosophy Book Club here in Denver, the Denver University Friday Group where he teaches courses on the eLearning Experience on the Technology Singularity as well the 6 Visual Tools & Techniques for Analysis and Design. He also enjoys fly fishing and golf.
Cheri Williams
Cheri WilliamsGraphic Design and Print Production
Cheri has been working in graphic design and production for over 20 years and holds a degree in Graphic Design and Print Production. Cheri has been specifically producing video, print and electronic content in the JDE world since 2003; she is currently contributing to the EOne Academy, marketing and designing for iLearnERP’s client community. Cheri loves golf, spending time with her husband, friends & 2 cats and enjoys exploring the Idaho Wine Country.