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In an ever-changing world, technically and culturally, the ability for people to communicate effectively is more important than ever. Many organizations have learned the value and importance of providing the skills required to optimize communication, thereby maximizing performance and ultimately productivity, while reducing employee friction and creating a healthier work place. Effective interpersonal communications is the cornerstone to team effectiveness, conflict resolution, leadership and decision making.

Module 1

Physical Barriers to Interpersonal Communications
An in-depth study of the physical and language barriers encountered on a daily basis and methods of overcoming them.

Module 2

Emotional Barriers to Interpersonal Communications
An in-depth study of the emotional/interior barriers with techniques of defusing them.

Module 3

Conflict Management and Resolution
A complete study of the causes of conflict, when conflict can be healthy for an organization, when it is not and several techniques for avoiding and/or resolving conflict.

Module 4

Team Effectiveness
Techniques for developing stronger teams that manage conflict in a healthy and productive manor, and rely on the inner strength of the team to accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Module 5

Leadership Styles and Decision Making
An in-depth study of the qualities of a good team leader along with several techniques to motivate and direct people to accomplish the task at hand, and insight into the different methods of decision making and when each is most effective.

How Does it Work?

Culture Academy

Culture Academy

Bill Kinsey

Bill has nearly 30 years of experience in Organizational Development. Bill’s experience in Organizational Development includes design, delivery, and reinforcement for programs of all levels of the organization. This includes executive coaching, employee training, and train-the-trainer programs. His clients have included hospitals, marketing companies, discreet manufacturing, distributors, and military academies. Bill is a U.S. Navy Veteran.

Scot Fahrenbruch

Scot Fahrenbruch

Scot has over 20 years of experience in Organizational Transformation. Scot’s experience includes serving and leading business transformation initiatives in process improvement and organizational change, while aligning people, processes, and objectives to technology. His records of success include national and global companies in manufacturing, construction, high technology, and government. Scot is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran.

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