El Paso County Like-for-Like Upgrade

JDE Upgrade

The Client: El Paso County (EPC) encompasses Colorado Springs, Colorado and more than 2,158 square miles with a population of 896,053. While the western portion of El Paso County is extremely mountainous, the eastern part is prairie land. Pike’s Peak and Garden of the Gods are two natural wonders to see there.

The Problem: EPC was upgrading JD Edwards from 9.0 to 9.2 and needed their UPK scripts uplifted to the latest version and to include new features and functionalities that would assist their end users. Given their like-for-like upgrade methodology, they wanted a ‘quick, easy and cost effective’ solution to get their users the net change information as efficiently as possible.

Our Solution: We leveraged our on-shore UPK production team to retrofit, or uplift, each topic to their new 9.2 specifications. We uplifted close to 450 topics in under six weeks! We alleviated the workload from their internal SMEs so they could focus on the configuration and testing of the upgrade. This helped their upgrade go smoother with an on-time and on budget successful go-live.