If you frequent LinkedIn or the blogging world you may have caught wind of Andy Klee’s latest endeavor, JDE 101. Boy has this one taken off! JDE 101 is a non-profit entity hosting JD Training workshops at universities across the country. This program will be for students enrolled in 4 year schools who are looking for a career in IT/Finance. It will provide an introduction to the core of JD Edwards covering the basics in just a few weeks. At iLearnERP we have been working to grow the JD Edwards ecosystem through are EOne Academy and are thrilled to have the EOne Academy be a part of this new offering. The EOne Academy is an online JDE training University for consultants, SMEs and analysts. Our JDE training content will be incorporated into class as per-requisites, core instruction, supplemental learning and a way for students to return to the content long after class has finished. One distinct advantage of online universities is that very ability to return to content, interact with it at your own pace and explore additional areas without disrupting a larger audience. We know the EOne Academy will be a great addition to JDE 101 and look forward to our participation with the team.

To learn more about the EOne Academy click here.

To learn more about JDE 101 click here.


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