Learning as a Service

Want to transform your business? Need a strategic approach to employee development that aligns core business processes with your overall organizational goals? We offer Learning as a Service (LaaS) as an end-to-end training solution that provides continuous learning services that are created, hosted, and deployed in the Cloud.

Our LaaS model addresses the needs of your modern organization by reaching your diverse workforce and the frequent changes and technological updates they experience with full training life-cycle support that is easily accessible, manageable, and cost effective. We develop, host, leverage, deploy and manage customized training that accelerates the business impact you are looking for so you get the most ROI out of your investment in development.

Achieve the transformation you are looking for with a strategic focus on better practices and processes supported by an end-to-end training approach that provides measurable results.

  • Content creation to fit your culture and applications

  • A scalable learning model that adapts to your growing organization

  • Experienced deployment and change methods

  • Flexible hosting and maintenance models

  • Individual and collaborative learning for a higher success rate

Content Creation

We'll develop engaging eLearning, videos, and documentation for any application you run.

Customized Content for the Skills You Need

We’ll work with your SMEs to ensure you get the training you need with the multimodal delivery today’s learners crave.


Our Cloud LMS provides anytime, anywhere training for a seemless learning experience.

Training Optimized

With all the features you need, including integration, assessments, reports and dashboards, and gamification to make it fun.


Our proven methodology provides measurable organizational transformation.

Leverage Our Experience

We’ll create extended enterprise learning in one accessible place for a personalized learning experience along with practical roll-out models that work in today’s organizations.

Ongoing Support

End-to-end solutions for a holistic experience and full life-cycle employee development.

The Full Project Life-Cycle Experience

We’ll ensure the training experience doesn’t become fragmented to meet the strategic goals of the organization.

We’ll Keep Your Training Headed in the Right Direction, Customized for Your Business

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