World to E1 TrainingWith the ever-present push to stay current comes the question, how do you ensure that you and your user communities are receiving the learning needed to maximize your investment? We have created World to E1 curriculum in the EOne Academy for this very reason. Our curriculum includes new courses on the important differences between the product and introductions to the new navigation and tools release features. We specifically leverage a World user’s knowledge and ‘teach to the difference’ by focusing on what is new to World users, addressing their concerns, identifying key changes and new functionality by application area, all while providing access to the full suite of EnterpriseOne learning available in the EOne Academy. Subscribers can:

  • Proceed through net change content that is sorted by vertical and application
  • Follow World to E1 training paths for easy navigation and tracking
  • Utilize curated documentation and links to Oracle content
  • Learn new tools to improve business processes
  • Investigate the Delta for an organization’s move to E1
  • Easily identify differences between the World and E1 interface and functionality

Each application area is mapped in the EOne Academy World to EnterpriseOne curriculum to the new E1 features and contains videos that are specifically designed for a World user moving to E1. Application areas include:

  • General Accounting
    • General Ledger Account Reconciliation Automated Report
    • Interactive Integrity Checking
    • Real-Time Summarization: Account Ledger Inquiry, Account Inquiry by Object Account or Cat Code
  • Accounts Payable
    • Voucher Match Automation Process
    • Payments Without Existing Vouchers – Manual
    • Multi-Tiered Discounts using Advanced Payment Terms
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Receivable Invoice Business Interface
    • Role-Based Solutions for AR with UX One
  • Inventory
    • Inventory to General Ledger Reconciliation
    • Cross Docking – PO Receipts
    • Dual Units of Measure (UOM)
  • Procurement
    • Procurement Workbench
    • Receipt Tracking with Expense at Voucher Match
    • Purchase Orders Configured
  • Sales Order Management
    • Sales Order Automation Rules
    • Credit Order Processing in SO Entry
    • Quality Management Integration
  • Shop Floor Control
    • Work Center Load Review Calendar
    • Actual Costing in Manufacturing
    • Blind Issue of Materials from Completion

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