The first step to choosing a ReportsNow training solution? Assess your audience.

Who are you training? Is it IT professionals who are used to seeing raw JDE data and understand how JDE data is stored? Or business users who have not worked with JDE tables? Or is it a combination?

If you need to train business users, are they financial, payroll and operational team members? Or maybe manufacturing and distribution team members? Regardless of their roles, business users need to see the features and functionality of DAS using their data – data that is meaningful to them. Business users need their own vertical training. Advanced features may be of assistance but should be reviewed for actual application scenarios.

At iLearnERP our flexible curriculum and resources can meet all of these business needs. We have solutions for live, webinar and eLearning that can be customized and combined to create a cost effective learning program to meet your ReportsNow training needs. Consider the following audiences when reviewing our programs: