learn-300x225It’s been a busy week with DAS! Every month iLearnERP helps subscribers get the most out of their ReportsNow solution, Data Access Studio with 10 hours of  webinar training. Because the training is live, attendees can always pop in and ask their own specific questions and get their questions answered during the webinar! The week begins with a general “Introduction to DAS” for new users on Monday, and follows up on the introduction with a deeper session called “DAS Basics” on Tuesday that includes building a report and introducing Quick Calculations. On Wednesday, we host “DAS Intermediate,” which digs deeper into elements like the Trending Wizard and core calculations. Our longest session is the “DAS Advanced” class on Thursday. This webinar is for users who wish to incorporate multiple tables and presentation methods into their reports and more. On Friday we host what we call a “Deep Dive” which focuses on one particular element of DAS and how to get the most out of the feature. This week we dove into Table Lookups. We record these sessions for future reference so subscribers can also check out past sessions, such as Bursting or Quick Reports.

As a training company, we are also always learning! We incorporate the unique insights of our client’s experience with DAS into our sessions to further highlight the ways in which the tool can be an even more valuable asset to other  users.

Next month our webinars will begin on September 14th at 9am MST. To view a list of our upcoming webinars, click here. You can also login on our website under DAS eLearning to view other helpful DAS resources such as cheat sheets and classroom charts, or watch all of our instructional videos from “What is DAS?” to “Scheduling a Report” for DAS 5.4, and DAS 6.0.

If you or your company is new to the ReportsNow tool, ask us for a demo today at [email protected] Or, visit our page here to find out more.


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