Silgan Custom Training and Acquisition Onboarding

cloud LMSThe Client: Silgan is a Connecticut-based American manufacturing company that is comprised of several subsidiaries, including Silgan Containers, Silgan Dispensing Systems, and Silgan Closures. Silgan is a leading supplier of packaging for consumer goods products, specializing in metal containers, metal and plastic closures and dispensing systems, and plastic containers. Many popular brands utilize Silgan’s products, including Campbell’s Soup and Friskies Pet Food.

The Problem: Silgan acquires new facilities and product line quickly, and due to the constraints of the agreements must just as rapidly onboard them to JDE and other applications. The user communities are frequently lacking in computer skills and industry best practices. In addition, Silgan frequently upgrades JDE to stay on the latest release.

The Solution: iLearn has developed a rapid deployment model incorporating live instruction with on-the-job support and training to develop the new communities of users.  This live training is supported by UPK and online documentation so that learners have access to return to content and dive deeper as they become familiar with Silgan’s processes.  For the most recent upgrade a web based solution was leveraged along with UPK in order to reach over 85% of Silgan’s JDE user community. The audience was excited about the blended solution which allowed them to return to content and therefore better optimize the new features of the software.