JD Edwards Day One

We support the students and instructors of this 15- lesson College Level introduction to modern ERP systems using Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne as a live, working example with access to our End User Academy, resources and JD Edwards environment.

College Level Education

Students learn the history and purpose of ERP, the UX-One user interface for JD Edwards, and use the normal training “company” to experience and practice typical ERP functions using EnterpriseOne. 

JD Edwards Day One Flyer and Curriculum

Class Offerings

The college level course was developed at Kansas Status University (KSU) College of Business. There are options for attending class at KSU and at other schools in coordination with KSU.

What is JD Edwards Day One?

Build Your JDE Team

Learn more about what’s in “JD Edwards Day One,”  how you can reduce the stress of building your “JDE” team when making new hires, and how your college may get access to this course. 

JD Edwards Day One INFOCUS Presentation

Walk Through a Sample Lesson

Learn more about the content, materials, and online platform for JD Edwards Day One. Students will gain knowledge of a key business tool in many workplaces, regardless of the specific ERP system.

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