We are committed to creating the best training solutions for our clients!

World to E1 9.2 Migration: Multi-faceted Training for a Multi-dimensional Audience

We partnered with Gildan to provide training for 100 users in the EOne Academy and 1000 users in the End User Academy with customized assignments based on the user’s role.

W.L. Gore & Associates JD Edwards 9.2 Upgrade

W.L. Gore contracted iLearnERP to create custom upgrade training solutions with a blended learning approach to meet the needs of their global and varied audience.

Blended Training for Core and Casual JDE Users

We recorded system processes for simulations during ILT sessions to deliver full course curriculum for end users. The simulated recordings were converted into training manuals for live webinar sessions when the COVID-19 challenge halted further on-site classroom training.

EOne Academy and End User Academy Training

Through iLearnERP’s EOne Academy and End User Academy, Pinal County provides JDE EnterpriseOne training to power users and end users across different county government departments.

Customized End User Academy Training

Ford Meter Box end user learners have access to customized versions of End User Academy courses that match their JDE environment and learning paths that match their individual job role

El Paso County Like-for-Like Upgrade

EPC was upgrading JD Edwards from 9.0 to 9.2 and needed their UPK scripts uplifted to the latest version and to include new features and functionalities that would assist their end users.

Custom Learning Management System

We built the AFSI Litmos site (ATLAS) with a blended content model that combined our End User Academy course packages, ReportsNow DAS training, and custom built AFSI content.

Customized DSI Training

We worked with stakeholders at J.B. Poindexter & Co., Inc. and Reading Truck Body to develop company and business-unit-specific DSI training for their employees.

Power-Link XA ERP Training Development and Learning Management System Hosting Services

We provide support for the Agile rollout of JLG Project Next through a sprint cycle of training development and deployment that is delivered via a web-hosted LMS.

Safety Training During Covid

We worked with Silgan’s Environmental Engineers to make its Department of Transportation and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Hazardous Waste Materials trainings available remotely with eLearning in our hosted Learning Management System.

Cloud Application and End User Training

We developed 450 UPK topics for JDE and 37 topics for HCM cloud applications as well as a Train the Trainer program that included curriculum, videos and custom course catalogs.

UDO’s, UX One and One View Reporting

We developed 10 live webinars, 10 Quick Reference Cards and a Q&A document for the webinar attendees dedicated to topics including UX One Roles.

Organizational Change Management for Global SAP and EPM Rollout

iLearnERP provided training strategy, curriculum development and learning guidance for a global SAP and EPM rollout.

JD Edwards 9.2 Upgrade Automated Testing Support

We worked closely with Tanimura and Antle Produce to take existing scripts and create tests for various financial and distribution modules that were set up in queues and made available for testing TA Produce’s production processes.

ReportsNow DAS Support and Training

We provided one-on-one unlmited training support services to take the burden off of IT and other internal DAS experts, as well as access to DAS University and its related offerings.

World to EnterpriseOne 9.2 Employee Performance Support

We provided upgrade training customized for a World to E1 migration with the EOne Academy and employee performance support with the tts platform.