Oracle Cloud Applications Training

Let us build the skills and attitudes that accelerate your organization’s cloud adoption. We’ll be there to ensure that training reaches your employees where they are, when they need it and beyond their initial moment of need.


We’ll design customized learning solutions with tailored programs, tangible resources and ongoing assistance so that your employees are more likely to expand their knowledge base.


We’ll help communicate the need for education and support your training initiative with target-specific announcements, eye-catching infographics and strategic involvement of key players.


Want training at your own pace? We can create a full-service learning destination with customized videos, hands-on practice, knowledge checks and access to a personal learning advisor.

How do you make sure your team has what they need to optimize new features made available to them with the cloud? Customized training of course! Training provides a mode of transformation for businesses to foster a learning culture that is agile and competitive.

Audience Based Learning Programs:

  • Project Team Members
  • Business Process Leads
  • Application End Users
  • Self-Service Users

Core Training Areas:

  • Cloud Foundations
  • Human Capital Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Oracle Cloud Applications Training