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Unlocking JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with iLearnERP’s EOne Academy

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite that empowers businesses with comprehensive solutions for efficient operations and streamlined processes. To fully leverage its capabilities, organizations benefit from comprehensive training [...]

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Where You Can Find iLearnERP at JD Edwards INFOCUS Envision 2021

JD Edwards INFOCUS Envision 2021 begins soon on April 12th! This year INFOCUS is all digital, offering JD Edwards learning, product announcements, innovations, Cloud options, new user experiences and JDE value optimizations. We are [...]

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Distance Learning – Real Life Examples of Flipped Classrooms, Practice Labs and Getting Training Done on the Web!

Whether you need to move training online to optimize the logistics of training, or you need to go virtual due to the recent pandemic, in this presentation Elizabeth Schriefer covers real, recent examples of [...]

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iLearn DWS

We've recently partnered with DWS Global to offer services and learning solutions, and so this week we thought we would share a little about this partnership and what we can offer organizations utilizing DWS [...]

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Where You Can Find iLearnERP at INFOCUS 2019

JD Edwards INFOCUS 2019 is next week! We love attending INFOCUS and this year we are more involved than ever! As you set your agendas and plan out your schedule, we’d like to share [...]

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How Training Keeps Your Organization Agile and Innovative

To stay competitive in today's market, organizations must be flexible and responsive to increasing technological advances, new competitors, and market disruptions.  Training provides a mode of transformation for businesses to foster a learning culture that not [...]

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Power to the People- Basics for a New Power User

If you missed our live Quest webinar last week, we have you covered! Contact us for the recording. Need to grow your users into Power Users? In this session, we showed you how to navigate [...]

Experience Free Quest Education This Week!

Calling all JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud customers! Come experience all that Quest has to offer with Quest Experience Week this week, November 7-9th. It all commences tomorrow, the 7th, with an entire day focused [...]

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The Future of JD Edwards Tools

The Future of JD Edwards Tools If you missed the recent Quest webinar with the Senior Director of Product Management Jeff Erickson, please listen to the replay which includes key features that have been delivered [...]

June 2017

Coming Soon: Master Trainer UPK Series

We're launching a blog series on Oracle's User Productivity Kit (UPK)! Be on the lookout for more blogs from us on UPK, including using Record It! and creating Custom Skins and Style Sheets. There are many [...]

May 2017

A People Oriented Learning Approach

 The science behind learning development is rapidly evolving as the demand increases for highly technical jobs. At iLearnERP, we evolve our training along with the ever-changing landscape to better assess business problems and needs. Training [...]

Did You Know How Many Upgrade Resources You Can Find on LearnJDE?

Considering a system upgrade? Check out the enhanced search functionality on LearnJDE and see how many resources JD Edwards provides for your upgrade process – from decision-making to execution. We also have comprehensive upgrade content [...]

April 2017

Important JD Edwards Updates from Oracle

Extending Premier Support for JD Edwards – Important Change to Oracle's Lifetime Support Oracle recently announced extensions of Premier Support periods. For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2, Premier Support is now effective through at least October [...]

UMRUG Recap and UX One Excitement

I attended the Upper Midwest Regional User Group (UMRUG) lsat week in Minneapolis. It was a well attended event with over 150 JDE and PeopleSoft customers. Oracle gave an informative keynote highlighting both application support [...]

Our ReportsNow Training Services

We just finished a week of live DAS webinar training for subscribers to our ReportsNow Training. Every month we offer 10 hours of live training that covers the Basics of DAS, all the way through [...]

March 2017

New content in the EOne Academy™

We are always adding new content to the EOne Academy. Not only do we have a 9.2 practice environment, we also have new content for UBE Development including BI Publisher, One View Financial Statement, and [...]

February 2017

Join the JD Edwards Immersion Experience at Collaborate 2017

Attendance at Collaborate is more important than ever for JD Edwards customers. Why? Collaborate17 provides a complete immersion experience allowing customers to receive critical strategic guidance for business success in the future, learn about the [...]

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What’s New in ReportsNow Training

With the new release of DAS7, it's an exciting time for ReportsNow training. We're currently in the process of recording 60 new training videos for DAS7 in Foundations, Finance, Operations and HR/Payroll. We'll have these [...]

Oracle UPK and Large-Scale eLearning

The UPK Training SIG meeting was last week so we have UPK on the brain even more than usual, and for good reason! Several excellent presentations were given, including one by iLearnERP’s Tim Christian! Topics [...]

September 2016

New Courses in the EOne Academy™

Optimize your 9.2 JDE upgrade by learning how to navigate and utilize the environment to its fullest potential. Not sure where to start? Check out the EOne Academy’s newest content for 9.2 Navigation. New 9.2 [...]

JDE 9.2 Certification Exams and Training are Here!

Do you perform well under pressure? If you’re a professional football fan, you’ve seen even the best of quarterbacks, P. Manning, decrease his passing yardage by 55% while under pressure. These percentages are even higher [...]

August 2016

On Demand ReportsNow Data Access Studio Training

One of the things we hear at conferences and trade shows (such as at the recent JD Edwards InFocus conference that took place a couple weeks ago in Denver) is that people don’t know we [...]

July 2016

Becoming Agile in a Digital Age

In a world undergoing constant technology advances, workplace transformation, and new devices like never before, it’s imperative to be open to change. Acknowledge the overwhelming presence of the Digital Age and learn to utilize technology. [...]

June 2016

JD Edwards Training SIG Call Recap

Training for JD Edwards, and most ERPs, has been a topic of conversation for quite some time. What kinds of training are available? How do you find the right training for the right user communities? [...]

The Release of ReportsNow DAS7

ReportsNow recently announced the release of Data Access Studio, Version 7. We are looking forward to bringing you the latest in training so you can get the most out of DAS7! And don't worry, if you are [...]

May 2016

JD Edwards Training and Just-for-Me Learning

You've probably already seen this popular cartoon on customer needs, wants and expectations. If you haven't, it's a comical depiction of the process of communication breakdown that often occurs between customers and the vendors they [...]

April 2016

Closing Training Gaps

The gap between the training employees want and the training employees often receive is unfortunate.  One of our recent blogs, Maximizing End User Success through Learning Choices, addressed the value of a variation of modes [...]

March 2016

Get the Most out of your ReportsNow Solution

The ReportsNow® solution, Data Access Studio (DAS) has been called the most effective reporting tool in the JDE Enterprise space. The following is a brief description from ReportsNow for JDE users unfamiliar with the tool: "Data Access Studio [...]

January 2016

JD Edwards Training On Demand

The new world of JDE training reflects the on demand nature of our society today, and we at iLearnERP are on the cutting edge with our new release of the EOne Academy™ 2.0. The ways [...]

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JDE Training Updates and OOW 2015

This week was Oracle Open World 2015 in San Francisco, California. If we missed seeing you we hope we can catch you next time! For Oracle JD Edwards, the cloud, upgrades and mobile technology were [...]

What’s New in 9.2?

              It's been an exciting week for us at iLearnERP. On October 6th, Oracle announced the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications release 9.2 and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools release 9.2. [...]

September 2015

August 2015

Blended Learning is Improving the Way We Learn

Our world is changing faster than ever before. This is most apparent in technology and its impact on our lives. As JD Edwards trainers, we are utilizing this new technology to vastly improve how we [...]

July 2015

June 2015

The EOne Academy™ is now Trade Marked

After a lengthy and detailed process, the US Patent Office has granted the EOne Academy™ a unique Trade Mark. What does this mean? Not much…but it’s pretty cool to know we created a one of [...]

Complacency is the Enemy of Excellence

“Complacency is the enemy of excellence…the company that is never quite satisfied is the company that satisfies.” This is a quote by Robert Zell, founder of JD Edwards customer BrassCraft Manufacturing. BrassCraft was founded on [...]

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