January 2019

iLearnERP On the Road: Upcoming JD Edwards User Group Events

We are steadily approaching Collaborate 2019, the biggest JD Edwards event of the year, and to mark our upcoming presence there we thought we would share some other great regional opportunities. These events are happening [...]

Evaluating Emerging Learning Technologies

With so many tools hitting the market these days, how do you evaluate which ones really are worth the hype? Whether it's selecting and deploying a new LMS (Learning Management System) or the purchase of [...]

December 2018

The EOne Academy Now Offers Regular Live Webinars

We're ringing in the new year with new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne live webinar training for our EOne Academy subscribers! Our first sessions will be on UX One and User Defined Objects (UDOs) and will prepare [...]

Migrating from World to EnterpriseOne?

With the ever-present push to stay current comes the question, how do you ensure that you and your user communities are receiving the learning needed to maximize your investment? We have created World to E1 [...]

Quest Experience Week – Start Your Training in the Cloud

We are delighted to be presenting at Quest Experience Week again this year! This great event is online, and brings conference-quality education to Quest users. Best of all, it's free! With a JD Edwards Day, [...]

November 2018

How Does Your Organization Learn?

It's important for organizational leaders to be aware of what model of learning their company currently operates within, and evaluate whether or not the operative model should be maintained or adjusted. In a business environment [...]

The Latest in Corporate Learning and The Litmos Live Virtual Summit

Last week our delivery team at iLearnERP was able attend the Litmos Live Virtual Summit. Litmos is the eLearning software that iLearnERP utilizes to deliver our anytime, anywhere JD Edwards training with the EOne Academy, [...]

New ReportsNow Training Videos

We are always updating and adding new content in DAS University and this month we will be adding new videos on Bursting! From understanding the basics to a Burst, to advanced Bursting features, we will [...]

October 2018

Employees Need Real-Time Training? Looking for a UPK Alternative?

Are you evaluating whether or not to use UPK in the future, looking into UPK replacement options, or ready to bring at point of need support to your users? We can help! We can assist [...]

Don’t Get Stuck: Five Reasons to Train Online with the EOne Academy™

Are you or your team members struggling to use JD Edwards EnterpriseOne? New technologies can be intimidating, but a simplified learning experience using the latest, intuitive technologies can set today's learners up for success. How [...]

Where is Your Organization On Their Innovation Journey?

Do you anticipate changes in technologies that will result in product and service changes, process changes, or enablement changes? Digital transformation, disruptive technologies, and IoT require big changes to organizations today necessitating a proven method of [...]

September 2018

Move Your Training to the Cloud with Tools that Make it Easy

As organizations adopt cloud technologies and applications, training in the cloud is increasingly a viable option, and one with many benefits. In this blog we will share the most essential reasons that your organization should [...]

Provide Oversight with the JD Edwards Orchestrator Studio

Are you interested in using the Orchestrator Studio but hampered by the complex technical requirements of learning a new system? In the EOne Academy, our new Orchestrator learning path provides simplified, easy-to-follow videos that allow [...]

Three Degrees of Training for Your LMS Rollout

With a desire to train on the company’s immediate needs while establishing a culture of self-sufficient learners, today’s leadership is presented with a priceless tool to meet these requests. A company’s learning house has many [...]

8 Places We Hope to See You and 8 Reasons You Should Attend a User Group this Fall!

With INFOCUS and the Partner Summit behind us, there are still a lot of JD Edwards user group events coming up around the country. With regional JD Edwards user groups around the country, there is [...]

August 2018

Training Made Easy with the End User Academy

The End User Academy solves the most frequently encountered problems of training end users when your organization is going through common scenarios of today's digital transformation era. A new implementation, upgrade, or frequent tools releases [...]

JD Edwards INFOCUS and the Launch of the End User Academy

We have been having a fantastic time at this year's JD Edwards INFOCUS event in downtown Denver, Colorado! We always love taking part in this conference every year, and this year we're excited to announce [...]

Why Organizations Still Need Change Management

How do organizations today stay proactively responsive to the global market-place, adaptable in the face of constant technology advancements and effective in continuously improving? An effective Organizational Change Management approach when implementing changes, particularly those [...]

July 2018

New One View Reporting 9.2 Courses

We are always updating content and creating new courses for our EOne Academy subscribers and our One View Reporting 9.2 module is now available and includes 16 courses! This module will help you learn how [...]

Considering a Move to the Cloud?

Organizations are increasingly adopting individual cloud applications or even moving their infrastructures to the cloud. If you are currently an Oracle JD Edwards customer and are not yet utilizing cloud applications, let alone moving your [...]

June 2018

Staying on Top of Training Trends

At iLearnERP, we stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in training so you don't have to! Industry reports confirm that companies continue to invest in training, which is an integral part of [...]

ReportsNow DAS University and Live Webinar Training

Need training for ReportsNow? DAS University offers the learning and support today's learners need to get them up to speed. DAS University is hosted in our Cloud Learning Management Solution with over 150 short topical [...]

Navigate Your Way to Success with the EOne Academy

The EOne Academy offers experienced and brand new users alike a map to navigate to success. With each stop along the way, users have a chance to develop new skills, reinforce understanding, and stay up-to-date [...]

May 2018

How Training Keeps Your Organization Agile and Innovative

To stay competitive in today's market, organizations must be flexible and responsive to increasing technological advances, new competitors, and market disruptions.  Training provides a mode of transformation for businesses to foster a learning culture that not [...]

Become a Citizen Developer

There's been a lot of buzz around becoming a Citizen Developer for EnterpriseOne recently and for good reason! Citizen Developers use low code platforms to create solutions that empower workers, and approach technology and software [...]

iLearnERP Gives Back

We've had the pleasure of partnering with two great local organizations recently. Metro Caring is a hunger prevention organization in Denver. "Metro Caring meets people’s immediate need for nutritious food while also sustainably addressing the [...]

Free Collaborate18 Follow-up Webinars

We are offering a series of free webinars on a number of topics in the coming weeks, including Citizen Developer and how to make the move from World to EnterpriseOne. We hope you can join [...]

April 2018

Collaborate 2018 Recap

We had a fabulous time at Collaborate 2018! From meeting new people at our booth, to attending and hosting sessions, to mingling at parties, it was a great year! On Sunday we had the pleasure [...]

Building an Effective Application Learning Culture

A sustainable approach to the deployment of eLearning across an organization can help to create a consistent training experience, even across different applications. This year at Collaborate, we will be presenting with Silgan Containers to [...]

Continuous Learning for Continuous Release with the EOne Academy™

Next week we have the pleasure of partnering with our friends at JDEMart for a session on how to get the most out of your upgrade. We'll be exploring the implications of continuous release and [...]

March 2018

You Use UPK: Now What?

Many of our customers are worried about the expiration of UPK in April, 2019 and what it means for them. We've been staying up to date on the latest information on the UPK sunset, as [...]

A Sustainable Cloud Adoption Model

Moving a current application to the Cloud? Our sustainable user adoption model addresses the unique user experience and the opportunities associated with Cloud solutions. We'll help ensure that your move to the Cloud is successful by [...]

New Format for our ReportsNow DAS Live Webinars!

Every month we offer 10 hours of live webinar training for our ReportsNow DAS University subscribers. In addition to our live web training each month, subscribers to DAS University (now hosted in our Cloud LMS) [...]

Identify and Close Your Organizational Skills Gaps

Organizations today face increasing pressure to stay responsive to a global market-place by adapting to constant advancements and maintaining continuous improvement. If the skill sets of those within an organization do not match the organization's [...]

February 2018

Upgrade Training Solutions

Last week we had the pleasure of partnering with our friends from TeamCain to deliver a webinar on Upgrade Training Solutions. We discussed the different ways in which adults learn and approach situations during training. [...]

What Makes the EOne Academy™ Great for Today’s Learners?

We've designed the EOne Academy™ with the learner in mind. We customize the learning experience by helping you identify your learning objectives, the scope of training you need, types of content and courses, and we'll [...]

Collaborate 2018 is Coming Soon!

We hope to see you at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 22nd - April 26th! Registration is open so if you haven't yet registered for the event, click [...]

The UPK Sunset: Join this Month’s UPK SIG Call

Worried about the expiration of UPK in April, 2019 and what it means for your organization? Stay up on the latest conversations around Oracle's User Productivity Kit by joining the UPK SIG Call this Wednesday, [...]

January 2018

ReportsNow Training in our New Cloud LMS

With the move of the DAS University to our Cloud Learning Management System, we now offer anytime, anywhere training with some new important features for today's modern learner. We still provide the same great offerings [...]

JD Edwards Training Project Life-Cycle Expertise

                        With our 15 years of ERP training experience, we can assist you with the entire life-cycle of your JD Edwards project. Our team [...]

Maximize your UPK Investment and Navigate the Future of End User Training

Oracle UPK is a robust project life cycle tool, yet is often greatly under-utilized. It also has a support expiration date of April, 2019. What does this mean for your organization? iLearn’s innovative solutions are [...]

EnterpriseOne Training with the EOne Academy – New Courses

New to JD Edwards? Need to cross-train or pass an Oracle Certification Exam? Available on-line with stand-up video instruction, a practice environment, quizzes, case studies, measured performance and curated resources, the EOne Academy has what [...]

Moving to the Cloud? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Oracle is hosting 'Simplify and Save on Your Oracle Applications ' live sessions around the US to help you assess if the move to the Cloud is the right move for your organization.  At these [...]

December 2017

A New DAS University!

We are proud to announce a new experience in ReportsNow training - coming just in time for the new year! A few of the new features include: Full Cloud LMS functionality Intuitive user design so [...]

The Joy and Pain of Deploying a Cloud LMS

Our very own Elizabeth Schriefer and Silgan Container's Will Cokeley will be presenting at this year's Q4 Southern California User Group meeting in Anaheim, California on December 14th, 2017. This co-presentation, The Joy and Pain of [...]

Upgrade Training – How much do you really need?

With the many types of upgrades and the push to get and stay code current, how do you ensure that you and your user communities are receiving the learning that you need to maximize your [...]

iLearnERP 2017 Charity Challenge

We at iLearnERP have a lot to be thankful for and this year we participated in a Charity Challenge to show our gratitude. We (and our families) donated time and money to a number of [...]

November 2017

UPK: Where do we go from Here? Part 2

Today was the UPK Special Interest Group Q4 meeting and iLearnERP's Elizabeth Schriefer and Tim Christian shared their insights on the latest on UPK. We highlighted why to update your UPK content and get current, [...]

UPK: Where do we go from Here?

Did you miss the last User Productivity Kit (UPK) Special Interest Group Meeting? You can access a recording of the webinar here. This meeting covered the timeline for UPK releases and support, as well as [...]

Power to the People- Basics for a New Power User

If you missed our live Quest webinar last week, we have you covered! Contact us for the recording. Need to grow your users into Power Users? In this session, we showed you how to navigate [...]

Need to Train Up New Power Users?

Need to grow your users into Power Users? Join iLearn for a free Quest webinar, Power to the People, this Thursday, November 16th at 2:00 pm EST. We will show you how to navigate the [...]

iLearn to Present on User Adoption at QXW Cloud Day

Cloud activities are often intuitive, but true organizational adoption of the cloud is not.  Join iLearn President and COO, Elizabeth Schriefer, as she leads an educational presentation on the complexities and opportunities around Cloud adoptions [...]

Experience Free Quest Education This Week!

Calling all JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud customers! Come experience all that Quest has to offer with Quest Experience Week this week, November 7-9th. It all commences tomorrow, the 7th, with an entire day focused [...]

October 2017

Supporting Your User Community During Your Upgrade

Today we were part of a free upgrade workshop in Los Angeles, California, with our partners EmeraldCube and AllOut Security. We had a fantastic time! We shared some of our training practices and lessons learned [...]

Planning to Upgrade Your JD Edwards Applications?

  JD Edwards Customer Consortium comprises of regular scheduled conference calls. Customers share their upgrade experiences with you, and Oracle representatives share tips and techniques helpful for your upgrade journey. Know more: http://bit.ly/2znbWD5 If you're [...]

Upgrade Workshop

Are you planning an upgrade to JD Edwards 9.2? Along with the numerous technical benefits of the upgrade, there are many significant changes to the user interface that directly effect both end users and Core [...]

Power to the People – Basics for New Power Users

The JD Edwards Training SIG provides opportunities for JDE clients to boost their skills, access training, provide recommendations for improvement and share best practices and success stories. To read more about this group and access [...]

September 2017

JD Edwards Investments that will Transform Your Business

Want to keep up with the latest JD Edwards Investments that will Transform Your Business?  This will be a big topic at Oracle's Open World conference October 1-5th, 2017 in San Francisco, CA.   Digital [...]

5 Benefits to Online Training with the EOne Academy™

It's been said that the future of higher education now lies with online learning. In order to stay competitive, colleges and universities offer convenient online classes that fit into the lives of today's fast-paced learners. [...]

5 Ways to Get a Better ROI on your Training Budget with eLearning

Each year, billions of dollars are wasted on under-utilized or ineffective training. eLearning provides opportunities to get a better ROI on your training budget, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Below [...]

August 2017

Exciting JD Edwards Updates & Enhancements from Oracle

Here's some key JD Edwards upgrades and enhancements from Oracle this week. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, or would like to discuss your training options around these, or any new [...]

Check Out the New EOne Academy™ at InFocus 2017

                        Heading to the JD Edwards InFocus Deep-Dive Event next week? Visit us at Booth 620 and check out the new and improved EOne [...]

Master Trainer Series on UPK: Blog 2

Ever wanted to add page breaks to your UPK Training Guides? Follow the steps below, which apply to User Productivity Kit Version and later, to automatically insert page breaks after each topic: 1. Locate [...]

July 2017

iLearnERP Gives Back

I'm really proud to work for a company that gives back to its community. Whether it's a company donation to a charitable cause or the many volunteer opportunities that my co-workers seize with excitement and [...]

The EOne Academy™ Gets a New LMS!

The EOne Academy™ has moved to a new Learning Management System platform for a more modern and advanced experience! Subscribers can still access all of our 30 Modules and 700+ courses covering Distribution, HCM, Finance, [...]

2017 Oracle JD Edwards Partner Summit is Here. Are you?

iLearnERP will be attending and presenting at the  8th Annual Oracle JD Edwards Summit on July 17 - 19, 2017 at the Omni Hotel in Broomfield, Colorado. Please come see us if you're attending. We look [...]

The Future of JD Edwards Tools

The Future of JD Edwards Tools If you missed the recent Quest webinar with the Senior Director of Product Management Jeff Erickson, please listen to the replay which includes key features that have been delivered [...]

ReportsNow Training Solutions

Stuck on a tough report? Need to get your report designers up to speed? Our eLearning solution for ReportsNow DAS solves the challenge of training new team members, keeping up to date, and getting the [...]

June 2017

Using UPK Record It!

Record It! is a light version of the full UPK developer that takes only minutes to learn how to use. Best of all, what it records can be imported into the full developer for validation, [...]

Coming Soon: Master Trainer UPK Series

We're launching a blog series on Oracle's User Productivity Kit (UPK)! Be on the lookout for more blogs from us on UPK, including using Record It! and creating Custom Skins and Style Sheets. There are many [...]

The Benefits of Web Delivery and the EOne Academy™

Today's learners are accustomed to digesting new material in shorter chunks wherever and whenever they can most easily access content. So why should our approach to professional training be any different? We've previously blogged about [...]

May 2017

A People Oriented Learning Approach

 The science behind learning development is rapidly evolving as the demand increases for highly technical jobs. At iLearnERP, we evolve our training along with the ever-changing landscape to better assess business problems and needs. Training [...]

An Oracle Certification Project

Did you know we are an Oracle Certified Delivery Partner and offer full exam prep for the four functional Oracle JD Edwards Certified Specialization exams in Distribution, Finance, Manufacturing and E1 Projects? In addition to offering [...]

Did You Know How Many Upgrade Resources You Can Find on LearnJDE?

Considering a system upgrade? Check out the enhanced search functionality on LearnJDE and see how many resources JD Edwards provides for your upgrade process – from decision-making to execution. https://bit.ly/LearnJDE We also have comprehensive upgrade content [...]

iLearnERP on the Road

We love traveling to visit our customers and to deliver live training, and this week we thought we'd highlight some of our travels. Our team is comprised of real trainers with years of experience who are [...]

April 2017

Important JD Edwards Updates from Oracle

Extending Premier Support for JD Edwards – Important Change to Oracle's Lifetime Support Oracle recently announced extensions of Premier Support periods. For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2, Premier Support is now effective through at least October [...]

UMRUG Recap and UX One Excitement

I attended the Upper Midwest Regional User Group (UMRUG) lsat week in Minneapolis. It was a well attended event with over 150 JDE and PeopleSoft customers. Oracle gave an informative keynote highlighting both application support [...]

Our ReportsNow Training Services

We just finished a week of live DAS webinar training for subscribers to our ReportsNow Training. Every month we offer 10 hours of live training that covers the Basics of DAS, all the way through [...]

COLLABORATE17 Highlight – Lyle Ekdahl’s Keynote

COLLABORATE17 just ended, and what an event it was for JD Edwards – strategic direction, product news, great customer and partner stories, and many opportunities to experience JD Edwards software first hand. For those of [...]

JD Edwards INFOCUS 2017 – Start Planning

  Colorado State Welcome Sign: Welcome to Colorful Colorado. Get ready for JD Edwards INFOCUS in Denver, August 14-16 – the only deep-dive JD Edwards-specific conference for technical and functional users. Come for [...]

March 2017

Don’t Forget the People Part of Digital Transformation

The hardest part of digitally transforming a company is not the technology—it’s the sociology, says Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz. Read full article here:  http://bit.ly/2maMLNS. There are a variety of methods, techniques and strategies that make [...]

New content in the EOne Academy™

We are always adding new content to the EOne Academy. Not only do we have a 9.2 practice environment, we also have new content for UBE Development including BI Publisher, One View Financial Statement, and [...]

February 2017

Join the JD Edwards Immersion Experience at Collaborate 2017

Attendance at Collaborate is more important than ever for JD Edwards customers. Why? Collaborate17 provides a complete immersion experience allowing customers to receive critical strategic guidance for business success in the future, learn about the [...]

RMOUG Training Days 2017

RMOUG training days was this week, and we enjoyed seeing everyone there. We presented, "UPK Top 10 Tricks and Tips you Probably Aren't Using" during Session 10 on Thursday, February 9th, from 2:45-3:45. The Rocky Mountain [...]

New UPK Content in the EOne Academy™

Many organizations purchase the UPK Developer in order to capture business processes and store them in their training library.  While most clients utilize the most common tools within the Developer, not all customers know of [...]

January 2017

ReportsNow DAS7 Live Webinar Training

Each month we deliver 10 hours of live webinar training for our DAS University subscribers, and this month we are mixing up the format of our webinars, offering more sessions that are tailored to the [...]

Getting the Most Out of JDE Training with the EOne Academy™

There's a lot of buzz lately around anytime, anywhere training that's also digestible for today's modern learner. The EOne Academy™ provides just that - a multifaceted training solution based on the latest in adult learning theories. [...]

RMOUG Training Days 2017

The Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group describes training days as, "...an annual two-day, multitrack training event. This event showcases the latest in Oracle and other technologies and techniques; it attracts well-known speakers from around the [...]

How to Customize your KPIs for Effective Training

We've blogged in the past about how to get the most ROI (Return On Investment) from your training, and how providing a blended learning model can help with greater ROI and justification for those spent [...]

December 2016

How Does UPK Fit into Your Training?

UPK is more than just your average training tool. While its value may seem to speak for itself, we've found that partnering UPK with other resources, such as live training or webinar sessions, along with [...]

iLearnERP Gives Back

Like many offices this time of year, we just celebrated together at our office Christmas party! We drank, dined, laughed, and toasted to the New Year. We always do some type of white elephant gift [...]

November 2016

Houston JDE User Group 2016

We’re dusting off our cowboy boots and casino wear for the 6th annual HUG Holiday Casino Night! iLearnERP will be sponsoring a black jack table at the JDE User Group in Houston, Texas on December [...]

Training Options for Today’s Granular Users

The gap between the training employees want and the training employees often receive is something we think a lot about. In past blogs we have written a lot about customized training material and delivery to [...]

Our Newly Designed Website is Live with new DAS7 content!

We are thrilled to announce that our newly designed website is live! It has a new look and feel, is more interactive and aesthetically pleasing, easier to navigate, and is responsive across various devices. We've [...]

Digital Transformation in a JD Edwards Digital World

  Excerpt by Ward Quarles-Oracle on Nov 03, 2016 What does digital transformation mean for your organization? For most organizations, digital transformation replaces paper shuffling, manual data entry, and error prone human processes with technologies [...]

October 2016

SXW 2016: iLearnERP and JD Edwards Day

It’s SIG Experience Week with Quest International Users Group and yesterday was JD Edwards Day. We are excited that iLearnERP’s Tim Christian presented, “Utilize UPK to Enhance Your User Experience.” Tim’s presentation was part of [...]

What’s New in ReportsNow Training

With the new release of DAS7, it's an exciting time for ReportsNow training. We're currently in the process of recording 60 new training videos for DAS7 in Foundations, Finance, Operations and HR/Payroll. We'll have these [...]

Oracle UPK and Large-Scale eLearning

The UPK Training SIG meeting was last week so we have UPK on the brain even more than usual, and for good reason! Several excellent presentations were given, including one by iLearnERP’s Tim Christian! Topics [...]

September 2016

Learner Experience Series: Go-Live’s and the Individual Learner

Our delivery team at iLearnERP is fresh off of two recent Go-Live events. These experiences are important junctures for our team as we always want to learn from our implementations. Each company we work with [...]

Please join us for our next UPK SIG meeting!

The UPK (User Productivity Kit) group strives to have a user-driven community that caters to customer’s wants and needs.  This is a very interactive group for anyone using or thinking about using UPK.  Please join us for [...]

New Courses in the EOne Academy™

Optimize your 9.2 JDE upgrade by learning how to navigate and utilize the environment to its fullest potential. Not sure where to start? Check out the EOne Academy’s newest content for 9.2 Navigation. New 9.2 [...]

JDE 9.2 Certification Exams and Training are Here!

Do you perform well under pressure? If you’re a professional football fan, you’ve seen even the best of quarterbacks, P. Manning, decrease his passing yardage by 55% while under pressure. These percentages are even higher [...]

August 2016

Become One of the First JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Implementation Consultants- For Free!

          That’s right,  OPN (Oracle Partner Network) members can take a certification exam for free during Oracle Open World. The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Financial Management and Distribution Implementation Essentials are available for [...]

Series Blog: The JDE Learner Experience in the Age of Digital Transformation

Because JDE training is what we do at iLearnERP, this week we are starting a series on Learner Experience. The blog below is brought to you by Lisa Schoen, our Director of Business development: I [...]

On Demand ReportsNow Data Access Studio Training

One of the things we hear at conferences and trade shows (such as at the recent JD Edwards InFocus conference that took place a couple weeks ago in Denver) is that people don’t know we [...]

Best Practices from the JDE Training SIG Meeting at INFOCUS

Our annual JDE conference, INFOCUS, was held this week here in Denver, CO. The theme is always the 'state of the union of JD Edwards'. Most people, customers and partners alike, are poignantly interested [...]

Summer of Learning: InFocus 2016 and a Free Seat to the EOne Academy™

Are you new to the Oracle JD Edwards world? Or perhaps an old pro who just needs to get up-to-date on the latest releases? We love attending JD Edwards InFocus, not just because of the [...]

July 2016

Digital transformation: What Does it Mean for Your Organization?

Digital Transformation is the latest buzz word, driving enterprises around the world. “What is this all about”? There's a great article on this matter in i-SCOOP I'd like to share; "Digital transformation is the profound [...]

Is it Time for an Upgrade?

There are many different responses to an ERP upgrade, from fear, to procrastination, excitement or dread. Top areas of concern companies face prior to implementing an upgrade often revolve around keeping costs minimal, staffing concerns, [...]

Becoming Agile in a Digital Age

In a world undergoing constant technology advances, workplace transformation, and new devices like never before, it’s imperative to be open to change. Acknowledge the overwhelming presence of the Digital Age and learn to utilize technology. [...]

Is a Corporate “No-Cloud” Policy a Reality?

Gartner Says By 2020,  a Corporate "No-Cloud" Policy Will Be as Rare as a "No-Internet" Policy Is Today Hybrid will be the most common use of the cloud. By 2020, a corporate "no-cloud" policy will [...]

June 2016

What is the Ideal Cloud Strategy for Your Organization?

What is the Ideal Cloud Strategy for Your Organization? Discover the Possibilities with JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud Oracle continues to provide the ultimate in choice for JD Edwards customers: The hybrid solution model encompasses [...]

Tips for Going Mobile with JD Edwards Platform and Solutions

According to Oracle, the "JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Enterprise Solutions offers the mobile workforce an array of role-based and fit-for-purpose mobile applications with a modern user interface on the device of their choice for increased [...]

JD Edwards Training SIG Call Recap

Training for JD Edwards, and most ERPs, has been a topic of conversation for quite some time. What kinds of training are available? How do you find the right training for the right user communities? [...]

The Release of ReportsNow DAS7

ReportsNow recently announced the release of Data Access Studio, Version 7. We are looking forward to bringing you the latest in training so you can get the most out of DAS7! And don't worry, if you are [...]

May 2016

JD Edwards Training and Just-for-Me Learning

You've probably already seen this popular cartoon on customer needs, wants and expectations. If you haven't, it's a comical depiction of the process of communication breakdown that often occurs between customers and the vendors they [...]

Why Not Learn Something New Today?

May 17th is Haiku Poetry Day. In honor of our first Japanese EOne Academy customer, we are celebrating this unofficial holiday that honors the short poetry form that originated in Japan. Haiku is a type [...]

April 2016

Closing Training Gaps

The gap between the training employees want and the training employees often receive is unfortunate.  One of our recent blogs, Maximizing End User Success through Learning Choices, addressed the value of a variation of modes [...]

Upgrade Solutions for 5000 End Users- WL Gore Success Story

Watch now!

Maximizing End User Success through Learning Choices

Did you miss our presentation at Collaborate 2016? We presented, "One Size Does Not Fit All - Maximizing End User Success through Learning Choices" on Monday, April 11th in Las Vegas. What is learner choice [...]

March 2016

JD Edwards Training: Exam Prep Customized eLearning Paths

Are you planning to take one of the Oracle JD Edwards certification exams? iLearnERP offers the most cost-effective and efficient exam preparation for three reasons:   Anytime, Anywhere Education. Access the eLearning library anywhere using [...]

Training Directly Affects Employee Productivity

This image has been going around LinkedIn a lot lately. Of course anyone can extrapolate the data they want to support a particular point, but it's worth pointing out one of the largest discrepancies between [...]

Get the Most out of your ReportsNow Solution

The ReportsNow® solution, Data Access Studio (DAS) has been called the most effective reporting tool in the JDE Enterprise space. The following is a brief description from ReportsNow for JDE users unfamiliar with the tool: "Data Access Studio [...]

Is Microlearning JD Edwards Really Effective?

This is likely the first question one might ask when putting the concept of microlearning in conversation with JD Edwards training. Microlearning is simply learning that's short and specific. Microlearning sometimes gets a bad wrap because [...]

February 2016

iLearnERP – JD Edwards Training: Thinking Outside the Box

“We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.” – Elliot Masie In full agreement with Mr. Massie, we offer JD Edwards training solutions anytime and anywhere.  Learn on-time using our comprehensive [...]

Learner Centered JDE Training

It was Valentine's day last weekend and perhaps I'm still feeling a bit sappy because this week I've decided to write about the ways we love our learners. As JDE trainers, we get opportunities to provide training [...]

iLearnERP Presents with CSS International at the JD Edwards Summit 2016

We are having a blast at the JD Edwards Partner Summit 2016. Catching up with old friends, attending sessions, learning all the latest and greatest in the Oracle JD Edwards world, meeting new faces, and [...]

iLearnERP at Summit 2016 and on the JD Edwards Resource Library -LearnJDE.com

We are very excited for the JD Edwards Summit 2016 this week in Broomfield, Colorado. It's going to be a snowy Colorado beginning to the Summit so we are looking forward to staying warm and [...]

January 2016

JD Edwards Training On Demand

The new world of JDE training reflects the on demand nature of our society today, and we at iLearnERP are on the cutting edge with our new release of the EOne Academy™ 2.0. The ways [...]

EOne Academy™ 2.0!

It's been an exciting couple of weeks at iLearnERP! We are pleased to formally announce the upgrade of the EOne Academy™! The new and improved learner experience includes a more modern layout with improved search capabilities and reporting options. Learners can now [...]

Going Virtual: Easing the Transition to an eLearning Training Model

So much of our world now is virtual and as we all continue to move and shift into this next faze of our professional lives, the road can get bumpy. So what can be done [...]

December 2015

JDE Training: Our Year with Data Access Studio (DAS)

It’s been an exciting year with the ReportsNow tool, Data Access Studio (DAS). Our latest webinar called, What’s New in DAS 6.0 in 2015, wrapped up the year by highlighting the new features available with [...]

Wrap Up & Maximize Your 2015 Training Budget

I hosted an informative and interactive webinar last week about how to leverage the EOne Academy to maximize your 2015 training budget. Many organizations get a yearly training budget, but don't always know the best [...]

Just-in-Time Learning and JDE Training with the EOne Academy

Getting new employees up to speed and keeping current employees engaged in learning new skill sets can soak up a lot of time, energy and resources. The EOne Academy™ provides a helpful platform for companies to save on JDE [...]

Experience More JDE Depth and Knowledge with Quest

We are honored to be a Quest partner and value our involvement with this JDE user community. iLearnERP was asked to be a part of the Training SIG's Round Table Discussion on Generational Training. Of [...]

November 2015

JDE Training Design that Eases Anxiety over Change

Last month we saw the release of EnterpriseOne 9.2. In addition to cultivating resources and instruction on the latest features and applications, another thing we focus on as JDE trainers at iLearnERP is how to [...]

iLearnERP ReportsNow Training

  It's DAS week at iLearnERP! That means it is the week we offer 10 hours of live webinar training for the ReportsNow solution, Data Access Studio. If you wish to register for the webinars [...]

October 2015

JDE Training Updates and OOW 2015

This week was Oracle Open World 2015 in San Francisco, California. If we missed seeing you we hope we can catch you next time! For Oracle JD Edwards, the cloud, upgrades and mobile technology were [...]

What’s New in 9.2?

              It's been an exciting week for us at iLearnERP. On October 6th, Oracle announced the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications release 9.2 and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools release 9.2. [...]

eLearning JD Edwards

eLearning is the future. At iLearnERP we are constantly updating our EOne Academy™ to make sure our users have access to learning the latest content. We are always adding new courses, modules, quizzes and activities. [...]

September 2015

iLearnERP Presents on Blended Learning

We are delighted to be a part of the Southern California Regional Users Group. "The purpose of the User Group (SCUG) is to foster networking and communication between users with similar experiences and challenges related to [...]

iLearnERP Takes B/E Aerospace Across the Finish Line

iLearnERP is concluding our latest global end user project undertaken with one of our favorite partners. For the last 2 1/2 years we have worked with B/E Aerospace and their ERP implementation process at their [...]

August 2015

Blended Learning is Improving the Way We Learn

Our world is changing faster than ever before. This is most apparent in technology and its impact on our lives. As JD Edwards trainers, we are utilizing this new technology to vastly improve how we [...]

JD Edwards InFocus 2015 Recap

I had such a blast at JD Edwards InFocus in Denver last week! What a great experience it was to meet so many of our current and potentially future customers! I spent a lot of [...]

ReportsNow Training with DAS eLearning

It's been a busy week with DAS! Every month iLearnERP helps subscribers get the most out of their ReportsNow solution, Data Access Studio with 10 hours of  webinar training. Because the training is live, attendees can always pop in and [...]

July 2015

iLearnERP at JD Edwards InFocus

I'm very much looking forward to attending my first JD Edwards InFocus in Denver. I can't wait to meet new faces!  InFocus is approaching quickly on August 17th-19th and if you still need to register you can [...]

JDE101 and iLearnERP

Have you heard of JDE101? It is a training and certification program in Oracle's JD Edwards and EnterpriseOne ERP that provides students with the knowledge and experience that prepares them for entry level positions such as [...]

Millennials and JD Edwards Training

The millennial generation, also known as Gen-Y, will soon make up the majority of the workplace, perhaps in as little as 10 years. We are known as technology natives and we love BYOD policies, apps, [...]

June 2015

April’s First Blog

  I have the pleasure of beginning by introducing myself as the new Training Consultant at iLearnERP! What an exciting first couple of weeks it has been! I’m so thrilled to be a part of [...]

The EOne Academy™ is now Trade Marked

After a lengthy and detailed process, the US Patent Office has granted the EOne Academy™ a unique Trade Mark. What does this mean? Not much…but it’s pretty cool to know we created a one of [...]

Complacency is the Enemy of Excellence

“Complacency is the enemy of excellence…the company that is never quite satisfied is the company that satisfies.” This is a quote by Robert Zell, founder of JD Edwards customer BrassCraft Manufacturing. BrassCraft was founded on [...]

May 2015

EOne Academy Blooper Reel

This is hysterical. Our director of the EOne Academy, Todd Nelson, works very hard in his production studio to produce all of our content for the Academy as well as custom content for customers. All [...]

iLearn is Presenting on How Technology is Changing the JDE Training Landscape

Please mark your calendars now for the JDE Training SIG Q2 Call. You won’t want to miss this exciting and informative presentation from a couple of our industry’s training experts. Friday, May 29, 2015, 1:00 EST [...]

Hire, Train and Retain the Best JD Edwards Talent

The Client: CSS International Inc. is an Oracle Platinum Partner that Industry leaders rely to help improve their operations and business processes today and chart out opportunities for success tomorrow. They provide flexible application and [...]

April 2015

Collaborate Dominate!

What a fun, exhausting and informative week it was! I had no idea the 12 hour days would run into cocktail parties into dinners into more parties with customers. I had so much fun meeting [...]

JDE 101 incorporates the EOne Academy

If you frequent LinkedIn or the blogging world you may have caught wind of Andy Klee’s latest endeavor, JDE 101. Boy has this one taken off! JDE 101 is a non-profit entity hosting JD Training [...]

Collaborate 2015 Education Session – Training as a Foundation

We hope you will join us for our third session of the day this coming Monday 4/13/15.  This session focuses on the move from a JD Edwards end user to an IS resource.  It is [...]

Collaborate 2015 Education Session – Training Model for World Wide Deployment

Collaborate 2015 is just a few days away!  We hope you will join us for our session on JD Edwards training with B/E Aerospace.  This is the first time we have shared the B/E story [...]

Collaborate 2015 Education Session – Mergers & Acquisitions

We are excited for Collaborate 2015!  We hope you will join us for our session on acquisitions with Silgan Containers.  This presentation was well received at INFOCUS and SCUG, we are excited to share it [...]

March 2015

Get Trained on the Wonderful World of Warehouse Management

According to Oracle, “JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Warehouse Management gives you control, cost savings, and a competitive advantage, with easy-to-apply rules and advanced logic to ensure that you maximize space utilization while minimizing costly labor resources.” [...]

Join us for JD Edwards CNC and Expense Management Training at Collaborate

JD Edwards EntepriseOne Expense Management Pre-conference Training Sunday, April 12, 2015 8 am - Noon Fee: $95 The Expense Management module is an underutilized component of the JD Edwards suite of applications and in this [...]

Aiding the JD Edwards Training Ecosystem

We are excited to announce Lisa Schoen as the Communications Director for the JDE Training SIG.  The Training SIG is almost one year old and still the newest member of the Quest Special Interest Group [...]

So Cal User Group Q1 Meeting Update

We attended the Quest So Cal User Group (SCUG) meeting in Los Angeles yesterday. This is one of our favorite RUGs (Regional User Groups). They do an excellent job of organizing the meetings and they [...]

Mixing it up – a new outlook for our JDE Training blog

Every now and again you have to mix things up, right? For a few years our blog has been focused on learning theory and how it applies to our world of JDE Training, and of [...]