EOne End User Academy

A single-source online education center to train self-sufficient end users with click through opportunities to learn the why and the how of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.


Built on years of experience for the modern learner and available 24/7 on any device for on demand, at point-of-need training.


Easy to use online platform with search capabilities, role based learning paths, practice exercises and EOne process flows.


Navigation, EOne Foundations, and EOne Processes including Citizen Developer core content and organizational structure.


Learning advisors are available 24/7 for assistance, learning path development, customizations, and live training support.


Learn the why and the how of EOne with compelling video instruction for real-world training, tutorials, and best practices.


Learning outputs for all users, including job aids, QRCs, and documentation to take it and apply learning.


Interactive dashboard reporting, assignment and due date tracking, and points and badges to make it fun for teams.


Confirm your users got it with knowledge checks, exercises, and activities.

Learn it Live

JDE End User Training

Tools Upgrade

Roll out just the tools features you are making available to your community. Enable all users to make the most out of the latest features with robust, focused training.

Major Upgrade

A fast way to get everyone on the same EnterpriseOne mission. Quickly train users on new features and process changes. This is useful during the upgrade testing and afterwards to ensure users are ready for the new functionality in the upgrade.

New Implementation

Quickly onboard testers and business users to your project. Tailor each team members learning path to their specific job roles and processes, avoiding confusion and complexity.

New User Training

Onboard users to your EnterpriseOne system without burdening your team. Handle employee turnover or role changes easily, including the ability to track training progress and ensure users are ready when they are needed.

Custom JDE Training

Add Your Content

Already have resources for your learners, or want to create more? We can include them.

Customize the Look

Want your own logo and corporate colors? We’ll create the skin and use your screenshots.

Include Soft Skills

Need to train your users on soft or computer skills? We can include that in the package.

Power User Content

What about your power users? We can include content from the EOne Academy for support.

Customize the Content

Want our content personalized with your screens and your data? We can do that, too!