Are You On the Latest Feature Pack Release?

We keep our Feature Pack courses up-to-date so you have the latest resources for the latest JDE releases! Whether on 9.2.2, 9.2.3, 9.2.4 or 9.2.5, we have you covered. Check out the EnterpriseOne 9.2 Feature Packs Learning Path to access the Feature Pack modules.

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Feature Pack Modules Include:

  • Feature Pack 9.2.2

  • Feature Pack

  • Feature Pack 9.2.3

  • Feature Pack

  • Feature Pack

  • Feature Pack

  • Feature Pack 9.2.5

New Manufacturing Courses!

We have added Material Planning Scheduling and Distribution Requirements Planning to the EOne Academy. Learn how to set up Material Planning Scheduling, which is critical to create schedules of items and quantities that your company expects to manufacture, as well as gain a broad understanding to the parts and components of DRP, DRP setup, and insight into using DRP in real world scenarios.

Lease Accounting in JD Edwards EnterpriseOneLease Accounting

We’ve added Lease Accounting to the EOne Academy. In this course, you will learn the basics of Lease Accounting, how to set up Lease Accounting, how to create records, enter billing, work with schedules, delete or void leases, change lease terms, and work with terminations and reports.

OrchestratorNewly Updated Orchestrator Courses!

Are you interested in using the Orchestrator Studio but hampered by the complex technical requirements of learning a new system? We’ve recently added even more content to our Orchestrator learning path providing instruction on how to create each of the components that can go into an Orchestration and then construct a complex Orchestration. These new courses include:  Orchestrator Overview, Create a Watchlist Request, Use Form Extentions to Invoke an Orchestration and practice courses for recording a Form Request and designing and running an Orchestration. You will also learn how the Orchestrator connects IoT data to your Business Data, integrates Third Part Solutions into EnterpriseOne, automates common business processes, and monitors all aspects of your business. 

JDE Training New CoursesNew Quality Management Courses!

Navigate to the Course Library to locate and access 8 new Quality Management courses, or ask your Learning Advisor for access to the Learning Path.

These new courses teach how to set up and run Quality Management test in EnterpriseOne and include:  Quality Management Overview, Set Up Test, Specifications and Preferences, Enter Test Results, Review and Disposition Test Results.

New Grower Management Courses!

We are excited to announce the addition of Grower Management to the EOne Academy! Learn how to create, maintain, plan, and analyze grower information.

Coming soon:  Blend Management. Stay tuned!

Grower Management Modules:

  • Foundation Setup

  • Farms and Blocks Setup

  • Harvests

  • Farming Operations Setup and Quality Tests

  • Farming Operations

  • Weigh Tag Operations

  • Grower Management Costs

One View Reporting coursesNew One View Reporting 9.2 Courses!

Our One View Reporting 9.2 module is now available and includes 16 courses! This module will help you learn how to personalize EnterpriseOne 9.2, create simple and effective graphical reporting, and provide operational intelligence for continuous improvement with little to no IT involvement to get the most out of your investment in JD Edwards. 

Citizen DeveloperNew Citizen Developer Courses!

Are you ready to become a Citizen Developer? Make sure you have the foundation you need by completing the CD1 – Citizen Developer Navigation course! This course will prepare you for developing and using Citizen Developer features like User Defined Objects (UDOs) and UX One.

Do you use UDOs? UDOs are the building blocks that allow you to personalize environments for various tasks and roles. Complete the CD2 – Work with User Defined Objects course to learn how to build pages, layouts and more!

How do I manage UDOs? Complete the CD3 – Manage User Defined Objects course to manage and enable security access for UDOs for different users. Topics include administration of the Web Object Management Workbench, utilization of the image manager, and creating E1 search groups.

Alert, Analyze, Act! Complete the CD4 – UX One course to learn about Oracle’s user experience design paradigm. UX One is built to encourage users in different roles to work effectively and efficiently.  

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