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It is often with the best of intentions that training content gets scattered over different platforms within an organization. It comes from a desire to make content readily available in an intuitive or well trafficked location. However, intuitive for some may not be intuitive for others, and when training content gets mixed in with other files or working documents and different teams use different platforms, team members lose productive time hunting down resources. Tracking employee training also becomes a significant issue if training is not centralized, with organizations relying on manually taking class attendance or just hoping that they have made available what is needed for employees to do their jobs with very little visibility into whether or not employees are actually engaging any investments in learning made available to them.

If you want to create confident, self-sufficient learners who are both advocates and contributors to company solutions, a custom learning management solution powered by Litmos can centralize your organization’s learning content and automate your training to advance your learning community. A modern LMS solution offers training professionals everything they need to manage learning in a centralized, secure and easily accessible location. With modern integrations like Salesforce, GoToTraining, and Mailchimp, an LMS can unify virtual, collaborative, and classroom learning, making it not only accessible but easy to track. The system itself is designed to engage today’s modern learner for the best possible information retention, so many individuals in an organization can contribute to learning and development with confidence.

If you wish to become part of the iLearnERP LMS Network powered by Litmos, you can save 30% over a standard LMS purchase. The LMS is hosted on the vendor’s server as secure, Software as a Service (SaaS). We will work with you to set up a custom domain or custom URL for your organization, customize the color theme and use corporate or project specific logos, easily import users in bulk, work with integrations such as DocuSign, Google Sign On, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Zoom, choose settings for banners and metrics, use widgets for calendars and announcements, create Team specific learning leaderboards, customize which Achievements learners receive, run reports and view Dashboard metrics for simplified tracking and employ gamification and leaderboards to motivate learners.

In addition to your own training, you can also incorporate iLearnERP content in your iLearnERP Litmos-based LMS or partner with our experts to create engaging eLearning, videos and documentation on any application you run. Incorporate EOne Academy, EOne End User Academy or ReportsNow DAS training content and let our experts help manage set-up, evaluation and course assignments.

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