ReportsNow DAS8 is now available! We’re excited about this announcement, and will have new content in DAS University coming soon! DAS8 brings ProReports, which adds new capabilities and visualization to ReportsNow, and also integrates with current DAS features, such as Mobie.

To learn more about DAS8, or if you are a ReportsNow customer and are ready to download DAS8, click here. You can also register for the DAS8 with ProReports Net Change Webinar on Tuesday, May 14th from 9 – 10 AM MST: “With the unveiling of DAS8 and ProReports comes a Net Change Webinar that aims to highlight the new features and benefits of the latest release. Join us to galvanize your interests in DAS8 functionalities and discover what it means for your reporting strategy going forward:

• Learn about the ProReports designer for fine-tuning and merging data values with rich visualizations
• Expand upon the ProReports viewer to preview, control, print, and export customizable print outputs.
• Discover functionalities that allow for the viewing of reports via the Web. Optimize your reporting and visualization capabilities with new, exciting DAS8 elements.”

Register for the DAS8 with ProReports Net Change Webinar webinar here.

Interested in a subscription to DAS University? We offer:

  • Live training on a monthly schedule with 10 hours of live web training each month
  • Over 150 short topical tutorials
  • Recorded advanced webinars that build complex reports and cover advanced topics
  • A robust bank of FAQs for beginners through administrators
  • Report solution examples
  • Access to student guides and quick reference cards
  • One-on-one, 24 x 7 training support through unlimited Ask a Trainer assistance

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