DAS8 is Here!

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ReportsNow DAS8 is now available! We're excited about this announcement, and will have new content in DAS University coming soon! DAS8 brings ProReports, which adds new capabilities and visualization to ReportsNow, and also integrates with current DAS features, such as Mobie. To learn more about DAS8, or if you are a ReportsNow customer and are [...]

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New ReportsNow Training Videos

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We are always updating and adding new content in DAS University and this month we will be adding new videos on Bursting! From understanding the basics to a Burst, to advanced Bursting features, we will have users covered with the new content. While we are always updating content to stay current, users can continue to access [...]

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ReportsNow DAS University and Live Webinar Training

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Need training for ReportsNow? DAS University offers the learning and support today's learners need to get them up to speed. DAS University is hosted in our Cloud Learning Management Solution with over 150 short topical tutorials and robust resources including QRCs, Student Manuals, and recorded webinars that cover unique advanced topics. Learners can access training 24/7 [...]

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A New DAS University!

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We are proud to announce a new experience in ReportsNow training - coming just in time for the new year! A few of the new features include: Full Cloud LMS functionality Intuitive user design so users can easily locate Courses, Learning Paths and Resources Reporting and compliance capabilities to track learner progress and course completions Gamification [...]

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ReportsNow Training Solutions

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Stuck on a tough report? Need to get your report designers up to speed? Our eLearning solution for ReportsNow DAS solves the challenge of training new team members, keeping up to date, and getting the maximum value out of the software. DAS University includes a variety of resources from videos to student guides to sample report [...]

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What’s New in ReportsNow Training

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With the new release of DAS7, it's an exciting time for ReportsNow training. We're currently in the process of recording 60 new training videos for DAS7 in Foundations, Finance, Operations and HR/Payroll. We'll have these available very soon so stay posted! We’ve also recently added new live webinar training on DAS7. Every month, we offer a [...]

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Get the Most out of your ReportsNow Solution

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The ReportsNow® solution, Data Access Studio (DAS) has been called the most effective reporting tool in the JDE Enterprise space. The following is a brief description from ReportsNow for JDE users unfamiliar with the tool: "Data Access Studio from ReportsNow® is a powerful and dynamic reporting solution that helps business users easily design and build reports without needing technical [...]

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JDE Training: Our Year with Data Access Studio (DAS)

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It’s been an exciting year with the ReportsNow tool, Data Access Studio (DAS). Our latest webinar called, What’s New in DAS 6.0 in 2015, wrapped up the year by highlighting the new features available with DAS 6.0.X releases. If you are a subscriber and missed this session, click here to watch to see if you are [...]

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iLearnERP ReportsNow Training

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  It's DAS week at iLearnERP! That means it is the week we offer 10 hours of live webinar training for the ReportsNow solution, Data Access Studio. If you wish to register for the webinars you can do so here. In addition to the monthly webinar, we also offer on-line resources available to our subscribers, including past [...]

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April’s First Blog

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  I have the pleasure of beginning by introducing myself as the new Training Consultant at iLearnERP! What an exciting first couple of weeks it has been! I’m so thrilled to be a part of the team. Last week I was thrown into the ReportsNow reporting tool Data Access Studio (DAS) world. In some ways I provided [...]

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