Organizational TransformationIn an age where agility is key, the relationship to technology in the workplace is really a location where training continues to shine. We often work with companies that require training on newly purchased or upgraded applications. We have found that training supports the change process that new technologies can bring, particularly when training is integrated with change management and communication.

To help make sure teams have what they need to optimize new features made available to them and to foster transformation for businesses we design customized learning solutions with tailored programs, tangible resources and ongoing assistance so that employees are more likely to expand their knowledge base. We also can partner with organizations to help communicate the need for education and support training initiatives with target-specific announcements, eye-catching infographics and strategic involvement of key players. For organizations that also want a flexible training option for their team members, we can create a full-service learning destination with customized videos, hands-on practice, knowledge checks and access to a personal learning advisor.

There are multiple phases of a project roll-out that support and sustain a technological change within an organization:

  • Early intervention to get buy-in from leadership and change advocates
  • Completion of a Change Readiness Assessment, and/or Organizational Impact Analysis
  • Development of Project and Transitional Team(s)
  • Communications strategy that supports project roll-out with key dates, learning opportunities, key contacts and go-live information
  • Change resistance action plan, and/or change recovery plan to help reinforce the change process and continue to push it along towards desired results
  • Clear measurements and metrics for success along with active tracking and monitoring to ensure a change initiative stays relevant, clear, and achieves desired goals

While we use proven change methodologies and assessments, all projects have unique characteristics and success factors, necessitating a customized approach. We’ll work with you to make sure that the people part of change at your organization is effectively supported. Contact us today!

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