Digital Adoption SolutionsIn this, the second blog in our series on digital adoption solutions (or DAS) we’ll be looking at why organizations benefit from using DAS. Be sure to check out Part One here if you missed it! Organizations today face the daunting challenge of keeping up with new technologies that constantly update, and digital adoption solutions are designed to help organizations to ensure that their workforce remains proficient in using the technology that supports their business effectively. Digital adoption solutions and platforms provide a seamless interface for employees to interact with new systems and technologies and are a valuable asset for organizations seeking to maximize their digital investments. They’re often characterized by:

  • The ability for users to get assistance in 2 clicks or 10 seconds for help directly in the workflow
  • Embedded access to learning in-app for on-demand content review
  • Different action-oriented outputs for all types of learners, from printable resources to click-through videos
  • A familiar training platform across multiple applications

But why else specifically should organizations today embrace DAS?

Speed up the learning curve

Digital adoption solutions reduce the time it takes end users to learn and adapt to new tools and technologies. By reducing the learning curve associated with software implementation, training is streamlined into an easy to access location that most often includes interactive learning opportunities right in the application itself. This can minimize the downtime associated with new implementations and accelerate productivity.

Support a culture of agility and continuous improvement

By providing a platform for employees to learn and experiment with new technologies, DAS can help organizations to encourage a culture of confidence when it comes to new technologies with the availability of personalized training support that’s available in as little as two clicks or 10 seconds. Employees can feel more confident and ready to drive forward with the organization with tools that simplify user experiences, accelerate onboarding and drive user engagement with step-by-step instructions, tooltips, contextual assistance, walkthroughs and tutorials.

Get data-driven insights from your users

Curious what assistance your users access the most? What about usage patterns or proficiency levels? Many DAS also offer the ability to leverage data insights to help organizations identify areas for improvement, tailor training and make informed decisions about future training implementations and technology investments.

Ensure compliance and risk mitigation

We work with organizations in regulated industries where safety is paramount, and digital adoption tools can help ensure compliance with industry standards by making certain that employees adhere to established protocols and procedures. With standardized processes, workflows and training support for all types of learners with various outputs, organizations minimize the risk of costly errors and regulatory violations.

In short, digital adoption solution platforms are indispensable tools that facilitate seamless integration and utilization of digital technologies within organizations. Be on the look out for our third and final blog in this series on the iLearnERP process for digital adoption! In the meantime, if you would like help with tool selection, content development or UPK conversion, please reach out to us!

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