If you missed our live Quest webinar last week, we have you covered! Contact us for the recording.

Need to grow your users into Power Users? In this session, we showed you how to navigate the necessary tools to become an effective Power User. We’ll demonstrate how to find Program/Form information in the Data Browser, use Process Options for reporting, Queries/Watchlist for data checks and so much more. Full agenda below:

  • How to find Program/Form information
  • Using the XREF tool
  • Using Program/Form info in the Databrowser to find information
  • Using BV/IV to see Processing Options or Data Selection
  • Using the Processing Option Report
  • Using the Submitted Jobs/Execution Detail to troubleshoot reports
  • Use Queries/Watchlists for data integrity checks
  • Explore learning solutions for training a Power User

Presented by Brendan Keeley, Senior Trainer at iLearnERP

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