Online EnterpriseOne JD Edwards TrainingWhether you are a long-time subscriber, a brand new user, or have never even heard of the EOne Academy, you may not know the following 15 facts about our multifaceted JD Edwards training solution.

History and Content

1) The EOne Academywas founded in 2013

2) The EOne Academy was trademarked in 2015

3) There are over 900 active courses in the EOne Academy, and over 30 modules

4) All of the instructors have over 10 years of experience in implementation and training and many of them have worked inside oracle as OU trainers or to help write the Specialization exams

5) The EOne Academy also provides training for World users transitioning to EnterpriseOne


6) On any given day, there are between 4,000-5,000 total users with access to the EOne Academy

7) We have active users from all over the 6 continents, including North America, Europe, Africa and Asia

8) The LMS platform upon which the EOne Academy is hosted is used in 150 countries and supports 35 different languages

9) There are over 240 Teams in the EOne Academy that make up the many different organizations that subscribe to the EOne Academy

10) Users can access the EOne Academy via an app from any device

11) Subscribers can take courses in any order they wish, or sequentially through a Learning Path

Course Completions

12) Subscribers have completed 50,000 courses in the last 4 years

13) Users have earned a total of 5,240 points for their course completions in the last 4 years

14) In an average month, users complete about 1,000 courses in the EOne Academy

15) It takes an average of 6-8 weeks to get a new hire proficient in JD Edwards using the EOne Academy

Curious for more information about our online JDE training and want to check out our FAQ page? You can do so here. We would also be happy to provide a personalized demo of the EOne Academy so you can check it out in action. Contact us now.

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