upk-trainingUPK is more than just your average training tool. While its value may seem to speak for itself, we’ve found that partnering UPK with other resources, such as live training or webinar sessions, along with providing full project life-cycle support is essential for a healthy training project.

What kinds of things should be considered alongside UPK to provide successful project life-cycle training support, and create excited and competent users?

Goals: Besides your Go-Live date, consider more detailed goals and objectives to implement along the way at specific intervals of training, such as when to fold new hires into training, or when to tackle new business processes.

Change Management: Once you have your goals in mind, you can also begin planning announcements, providing system process documentation, and increasing excitement. Effective communication throughout the project life-cycle is key to successful user adoption.

Project Plan: Your project plans become more detailed as you have your goals in place. A detailed project plan supports UPK development and roll out, and should also include business segment definition and inclusion, training locations, remote considerations, key content, and appointed people to approve UPK content.

Resources: In addition to your subject matter experts, identify key contacts and resources for JDE, and technical resources so that trainers, developers, and trainees can identify and utilize resources when they need them.

Tools: Partner UPK along with other resources, such as webinars, live training, or videos to reach all of your audience. You may want to utilize the UPK Knowledge Center for training, or you may already have an LMS that you can plug UPK into for your pre and post Go-Live training.

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