JD Edwards Release 24Oracle announced JD Edwards Release 24 in November providing both application and tools enhancements that continue to improve the JD Edwards experience with further automation and capabilities that will drive organizations into the new year. Release 24 is a testament to the commitment of Oracle to continue to empower businesses with a robust and adaptable platform. This release offers a suite of features aimed at streamlining processes, enhancing security and providing a user experience that aligns with the needs of modern enterprises.

The four improvements in Procurement include Standalone Check Price, which enables customers to optimize discounts and make more informed decisions before entering a Purchase Order. In Inventory, Automated Safety Stock Population and the ability to put Inventory Locations on Hold in the Location Master is now available. For Logistics, customers can now use pages and watchlists to create a flow for the shipment to dispatch process, providing a more visible window into inefficiencies. In Manufacturing, two new enhancements were made including the exciting OCI AI/ML Accelerator. Usability Enhancements for Resource Assignments is now available in Capital Asset Management for a better user experience and to enable more efficient work scheduling. JD Edwards now also provides a Statement of Direction for Sustainability Framework for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) to help organizations evaluate their adherence to sustainable and ethical principles. The final application enhancements come in Localizations for organizations in France, Peru and Argentina.

Release 24 also includes some exciting Tools Enhancements. In Digital Transformation, six improvements were made which include the new Workflow Monitor and Task Tracking. Task Tracking helps keep management in-app with assignments through orchestration and notification messages for which users can provide status updates. The most improvements came in System Automation with nine total improvements. Be sure to check these out and review the quick tours to see which updates can add further automation to your business processes. In Security, two updates were made including support for LDAP over SSL using a 2048-bit certificate. Last, in Platform, you may want to check out the latest platform certifications as well as note there is now support for automatic and manual scaling using Oracle Autonomous Database.

With quick tours available on LearnJDE, you can jump into the content and see what’s newly available and how it might benefit your business here. As an official Oracle Partner we offer affordable online and onsite training for JD Edwards, as well as our EOne Academy and End User Academy online training solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help your users get the most out of your investment in JD Edwards!

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