The UPK Training SIG meeting was last week so we have UPK on the brain even more than usual, and for good reason! Several excellent presentations were given, including one by iLearnERP’s Tim Christian! Topics included Windows vs. Standard Authentication & the new UPK 12.1 ESP 2 feature – Single Sign On (SSO), keeping content current, and UPK updates. We’ve made a video available of the SIG Quarterly Meeting Webinar here.

New to UPK? Maybe you are not yet convinced about the benefits of using Oracle’s UPK:

  • Capture critical business processes step-by-step for accurate knowledge transfer
  • Create modules/topics for specific job roles
  • Use with an LMS to track and report activity and progress
  • Easily create assessments and glossaries and attach to library content
  • Print documentation, such as Job Aids
  • Utilize different play back modes, such as Try It! or Know It! to increase retention
  • Publish content easily to an existing LMS or to Sharepoint

UPK can be combined with other media and resources for the best knowledge transfer. We recommend using a blended learning approach. Here are some ideas:

  • Create practice exercises for use in a Sandbox environment
  • Provide a QRC for basic essentials
  • Document known and discovered FAQs during the training process for distribution
  • Need to train the trainers? Have clear instructor guides that accompany documentation
  • Attach videos or other media such as PowerPoints to UPK modules

Creating the right solution for your budget can be tricky. We have a lot of experience and would love to help! Contact us at info@ilearnerp.com.

And don’t forget to look for the upcoming UPK event during SIG Experience Week on October 20th at 2pm EST!

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