ReportsNow SolutionsLast week we had the pleasure of partnering with our friends from TeamCain to deliver a webinar on Upgrade Training Solutions. We discussed the different ways in which adults learn and approach situations during training. We also provided an overview of some of the solutions we offer that can help bridge the gap of different learning styles in order to reach all learners during an upgrade:

  • We’ll help identify your key risks
  • Leverage available tools to provide a solution that produces adoption and user excitement
  • We offer a blended learning model to reach all of your users with live and virtual courses and various types of documentation
  • Familiarity with a variety of Learning Management Systems to help support content of delivery
  • Don’t have an LMS? We offer customized LMS services guaranteed to fit your training needs and budget

We also offer online learning through our EOne Academy™ and a full JD Edwards 9.2 course, which includes:

  • Menu Navigation
  • Interface Features
  • The Carousel
  • Favorites
  • Recent Reports
  • Working with applications
  • Data Browser
  • Working with records
  • Collaborate Tool

Want to learn more about Citizen Developer? (UDO’s) We have that, too:

  • Managing UDOs
  • Form Personalization
  • Advanced Queries
  • List View
  • Watchlists
  • Springboard – UX One
  • Cafe 1
  • Designer Pane
  • Composed Pages
  • Web OMW
  • Customizing the Grid
  • Images Manager
  • EOne Search
  • Classic Pages

For more about our online JD Edwards University, click here. If you missed our Upgrade Training Solutions webinar you can download the full recording here.

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