Training and DevelopmentOrganizations today face increasing pressure to stay responsive to a global market-place by adapting to constant advancements and maintaining continuous improvement. If the skill sets of those within an organization do not match the organization’s skills needs, the result is a skills gap that can impact an organization’s goals and initiatives. Some of the indicators of a skills gap within an organization, in addition to a misalignment of skills the company has hired for and goals, include decreased productivity, increased errors, and a decline in innovation. A full analysis of skills with a needs based analysis can reveal the gaps in an organization and can be part of the process of addressing a skills gap and closing it, but what then?

How does training and development address the skills gap?

A training strategy that is aligned with your organizational needs is the most effective way to close a skills gap, get the most out of your investment in your work force, and keep your work force happy as you create self-sufficient and productive employees. Teaching new functional skill sets in the modern age means coupling training with convenient access to content with a blended model of training that addresses the needs of the modern learner with multiple mediums that include audio, visual, access to materials and support, assessment, tracking, and follow-up where needed. The employment of a good Learning Management System when possible in training delivery can help to keep everything in one place for easy project management. For more on that, click here.

 Have a JD Edwards Skills Gap?
 Our JD Edwards Training University, the EOne Academy, offers the convenience of an online university with over 700 courses that teach topics from the basics of navigation to the core modules of Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, HR, Job Cost, Contract/Service Billing and more. The short video format with stand up overviews of each topic, expert screen casts, instruction, custom learning paths, supporting materials, quizzes and a live Learning Advisor has proven to close the skills gap and meet the needs of today’s learners. Want to learn more about the process of how we can help close skills gaps within your organization with the EOne Academy? Click here.
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