What does digital transformation mean for your organization? For most organizations, digital transformation replaces paper shuffling, manual data entry, and error prone human processes with technologies that digitize data.

The broader goal, however, is to break down barriers between people, businesses, and things in order to accelerate the creation of new products and services and find more efficient ways of doing business.

Why is Digital Transformation Important?

Digital transformation enables companies to reduce friction throughout the business. Friction is anything that causes processes to slow, pause, veer off track or stall outright. Increasing efficiency through reducing friction releases resources needed to increase revenue and create competitive advantage.

Modern companies must transform themselves by adopting the technology and processes and aligning internal skills to operate successfully in today’s digital world.

What Can You Do to Prepare Your Organization?

Call us. We manage the people part of the change.

Interested in Learning how Digital Transformation can strategically change the way you use JD Edwards? Attend an Oracle Partner-led Digital Transformation Workshop in a city near you.  Find the current list of sessions at https://bit.ly/JDEBlog.

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