“Complacency is the enemy of excellence…the company that is never quite satisfied is the company that satisfies.”

This is a quote by Robert Zell, founder of JD Edwards customer BrassCraft Manufacturing. BrassCraft was founded on the desire to sell innovative products. Mr. Zell set the standard for modern day plumbing. His vision to not accept the status quo, promote the professional plumber and only offer the highest quality, innovative products continue to be the driving force of the organization.

This desire to excel and innovate is what led BrassCraft to our company, iLearnERP. They feel it’s just as important to invest in their people as their products. Their investment in our case is in JD Edwards training to keep their users up to speed with the latest and greatest in JD Edwards. Their employees are never complacent, but rather thirsting for more knowledge to do their job roles better and better.

Our solution to satisfy this thirst is the EOne Academy. It’s a comprehensive online JDE university where Business Analysts can go to learn the latest releases of EOne as well as cross train, configure new app and troubleshoot their own issues. We aim to create competent, self-sufficient users. This mission works well with BrassCraft’s mission to continually strive for excellence.

Email Lisa Schoen at Lisa@iLearnERP.com if you’d like more info on the EOne Academy and how we can add excellence to your organization.

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