Become a Citizen Developer

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There's been a lot of buzz around becoming a Citizen Developer for EnterpriseOne recently and for good reason! Citizen Developers use low code platforms to create solutions that empower workers, and approach technology and software with ROI objectives in mind. Using configuration and personalization, Citizen Developers can help to reduce the need for costly customizations, as [...]

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Tips for Going Mobile with JD Edwards Platform and Solutions

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According to Oracle, the "JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Enterprise Solutions offers the mobile workforce an array of role-based and fit-for-purpose mobile applications with a modern user interface on the device of their choice for increased business efficiency." Efficiency and an increase in worker productivity is a huge plus in today's fast-paced world, but what are some [...]

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Training Directly Affects Employee Productivity

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This image has been going around LinkedIn a lot lately. Of course anyone can extrapolate the data they want to support a particular point, but it's worth pointing out one of the largest discrepancies between engaged and non-engaged employees is "opportunities to learn and grow". Engaged employees are usually more productive; thus, offering opportunities for your [...]

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Millennials and JD Edwards Training

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The millennial generation, also known as Gen-Y, will soon make up the majority of the workplace, perhaps in as little as 10 years. We are known as technology natives and we love BYOD policies, apps, and being able to perform the same tasks from a variety of devices. JD Edwards brings the kinds of technological innovation [...]

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The EOne Academy™ is now Trade Marked

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After a lengthy and detailed process, the US Patent Office has granted the EOne Academy™ a unique Trade Mark. What does this mean? Not much…but it’s pretty cool to know we created a one of a kind JDE training solution recognized by the United States government to be awesome! Ok, maybe the certificate doesn’t say ‘awesome’ [...]

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Complacency is the Enemy of Excellence

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“Complacency is the enemy of excellence…the company that is never quite satisfied is the company that satisfies.” This is a quote by Robert Zell, founder of JD Edwards customer BrassCraft Manufacturing. BrassCraft was founded on the desire to sell innovative products. Mr. Zell set the standard for modern day plumbing. His vision to not accept the status [...]

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