abc-300x216Are you planning to take one of the Oracle JD Edwards certification exams? iLearnERP offers the most cost-effective and efficient exam preparation for three reasons:


  • Anytime, Anywhere Education. Access the eLearning library anywhere using any mobile device.
  • Backward’s Design Curriculum. We know the exam material and develop meaningful courses and questions based on exactly what you need.
  • Comprehensive, Diverse Resources. While we include the Oracle preparation exam guides, we offer additional, more efficient ways of learning course material.
  • Statistics Don’t Lie. Actually, Mark Twain said, “There are three kinds of liars: liars, damn liars, and statistics.”  Still, it’s hard to argue with our numbers – Our learners for JD Edwards Certification Exams have a 100% passage rate.

Description of our JD Edwards Exam Preparation Training Paths

With our customized learning paths, test-takers not only have a broad overview of the material but also have access to broken down, digestible chunks of information. Your training path is divided into stages.  Each stage explores topics organized consecutively and includes resources such as overviews, quick videos, activity guides and knowledge checks. These comprehension checks give you immediate feedback so that you know where to spend your efforts studying.

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