Engage-Employees-768x578This image has been going around LinkedIn a lot lately. Of course anyone can extrapolate the data they want to support a particular point, but it’s worth pointing out one of the largest discrepancies between engaged and non-engaged employees is “opportunities to learn and grow”.

Engaged employees are usually more productive; thus, offering opportunities for your team to LEARN and GROW will result in increased productivity. If productivity lends to increased profitability, then one can assume offering training will directly result in more profitability. What an excellent ROI!

Of all the ‘experiences’ above, training can me the most tangible. As an ENTP (per the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment), I tend not to respond well to emotional things like ‘cares’, ‘praise’, ‘feels’, ‘opinions’. I prefer quantitative facts, data, logic and opportunities. Give me an opportunity to learn, grow and better my skills and watch me soar!

If you would like your employees to soar (i.e. be more engaged, productive and profitable) in their JDE roles, please check out our training opportunities at www.ilearnerp.com or email me at lisa@ilearnerp.com.

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