How do you make sure your team has what they need to optimize new features made available to them with an upgrade? Customized training of course! For instance, depending on the release you are on, an EnterpriseOne upgrade might include User Defined Objects, UX One roles and One View Reporting in BI Publisher. We partner with organizations to develop customized training for scenarios such as these, whether it’s just for business analysts and CNC’s so that they can implement end user business solutions throughout their organization, or to all audiences within an organization from SME to typical end user. We know that organizational change provides an opportunity to amplify your employee engagement, which is why we’ve provided these four simple steps to customized upgrade training below:

erp upgrade training

As an organization providing customized solutions, we partner closely with our customers to help determine where they are now in terms of having the resources and training that they need available to maximize their performance. Once we assess the current state, we will mind the gaps from where they are now and where they want to be and develop a future state with a learning strategy that is aligned with an organization’s overall goals and business processes. Specific training can then be developed that is in step with ensuring they get to that future state, while simultaneously applying best practices of training design and delivery. This could include live webinars on the topics mentioned above, such as Composed and Classic E1 Pages, UDO Security Workbench and User Defined Object Life-cycle. Live webinar or on-site instructor led training could include Quick Reference Cards, Frequently Asked Questions documentation and practice exercises. We often combine our live training with access to either of our online training universities depending on the type of audience, the EOne Academy and the End User Academy. This access also includes environment logins for trainees to practice along with customized learning paths and a personal learning advisor. Along with providing an online solution that learners can return to for training as needed, we’ll also be there for follow-up based on learner feedback with further training, workshops and communications.

If you are looking for a training strategy with the greatest impact to get the most value out of your next upgrade, contact us today.

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