Keeping Creativity in an ADDIE Training Approach

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The ADDIE training method offers a tried-and-true approach to learning design, but one of its limitations can be its lack of speed, particularly when it comes to the need for quick, creative decision-making. ADDIE offers a linear approach to training and each of its five steps, Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate, have approvals in [...]

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Customized Upgrade Training in Four Steps

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How do you make sure your team has what they need to optimize new features made available to them with an upgrade? Customized training of course! For instance, depending on the release you are on, an EnterpriseOne upgrade might include User Defined Objects, UX One roles and One View Reporting in BI Publisher. We partner [...]

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Training to Create Meaningful Change

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Training provides a mode of transformation for businesses to foster a learning culture that not only is agile, but also will innovate in the ways businesses must do today to compete. By encouraging a culture that supports learning, employees have a safe space to get comfortable with the discomfort that new technology can bring. In [...]

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How to Customize your KPIs for Effective Training

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We've blogged in the past about how to get the most ROI (Return On Investment) from your training, and how providing a blended learning model can help with greater ROI and justification for those spent training dollars. But how can better KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) help you plan and evaluate training? KPIs are meant to provide [...]

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Closing Training Gaps

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The gap between the training employees want and the training employees often receive is unfortunate.  One of our recent blogs, Maximizing End User Success through Learning Choices, addressed the value of a variation of modes of training material and delivery, such as using a blended learning approach. In this blog, I'll present a higher view of [...]

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