Organizational AgilityTo stay competitive in today’s market, organizations must be flexible and responsive to increasing technological advances, new competitors, and market disruptions.  Training provides a mode of transformation for businesses to foster a learning culture that not only is agile, but also will innovate in the ways businesses must do today to compete. By encouraging a culture that supports learning and questions, employees will have a safer space to get comfortable with the discomfort that new technology can bring. This also applies to the discomfort that changing market forces bring to organizations that may necessitate the need for new product or service development and roll-out. As employees learn to know their resources for learning and master the art of learning new skills, they will be less afraid to try on new technologies, new ideas, and new processes. A strategic approach to employee development will not only create agile employees, but will accelerate the business impact your organization is looking for in today’s market. How does training accomplish this? We suggest the following best practices:

Practice 1: Align an iterative process of training for new technologies and processes with the overall vision and strategy of the organization. Enabling your workforce to respond to change will help the organization capitalize on new technologies and employees to be part of the process of improvement.

Practice 2: Optimize any new training with clear communication, content, and ongoing support for better buy-in. Unite leaders with employees during the process to help foster a culture that sees the need for adaptability and encourages new behaviors.

Practice 3: Create extended learning in one accessible place for a personalized learning experience that also connects users, such as an online learning hub. Make sure to also have actual people that support the online experience and encourage collaboration and give employees the chance to share what they’ve learned with each other and their leaders.

Stay tuned for more blogs from us on how to foster agility and innovation with training in your organization. Interested in our Learning as a Service option? Check this out.

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