Are you evaluating whether or not to use UPK in the future, looking into UPK replacement options, or ready to bring at point of need support to your users? We can help! We can assist with key questions to determine the best solution for your next project. For instance, do you already have UPK content developed that you will want to continue to access in the future? Do you have an LMS or similar platform? Will a cloud-based product work for your organization or will you need to host on-prem? Do you currently use multiple outputs for training? Do you need quizzing or reporting capabilities? And of course, do you need a similar pricing structure as your current solution?

In addition to these questions, there are also several types of tools to consider. UPK-like options such as Epilogue’s Opus, provide the opportunity to capture tasks in any Windows or web-based applications, and can also transfer any UPK content you’ve already created into their platform so you don’t lose any previous content. UPK-like options also offer similar in-application support capabilities. Overlay style tools add training steps on top of an existing website or platform. These tools are usually Software-as -a-Service (Saas) platforms and create dynamic step-by-step instructions over the top of a web application. Authoring tools, such as Adobe Captivate or Camtasia, can help you create courses with different types of media, such as videos and interactive quizzes to be distributed in a variety of outputs.

Once you determine the tools, what about how to implement the whole project? We do that, too. Our full project life-cycle support model covers everything from an organizational and project tool fit assessment, to delivery of training, and everything in between.

Training Support

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