Optimize your 9.2 JDE upgrade by learning how to navigate and utilize the environment to its fullest potential. Not sure where to start? Check out the EOne Academy’s newest content for 9.2 Navigation. New 9.2 video courses include, Café 1, E1 Pages – UDO, Working with Apps, Menu Navigation, and Work with User Defined Codes (UDC). View our full Course List or go to our What’s New in the EOne Academy™ page.

Other new content includes Procurement videos on Supplier/Item Relationships, Setting Up Tolerances, and Procurement Supplier Templates.

Why does the JDE community need this new content?

Clients want to learn how to optimize their new 9.2 environment, and consultants are interested in the regulation around revenue recognition. Learners need quick access to filtered, easy training on the newest features of 9.2 without having to read a novel equivalent of words. To stay informed in our field, we’re learning several new concepts every day. So, unless some experts take a little time to learn the most recent, needed tips on 9.2, our newest product won’t have the chance it deserves to show off its best features. Be that expert as a client manager or as a JDE consultant by watching short clips on the important 9.2 landscape. The JDE ecosystem thrives when individuals stay up-to-date with the newest system knowledge. Clients and consultants alike want to optimize the newest platform so that others become aware of its remarkable capabilities.

Where do I find this new content?

If you already have an EOne Academy subscription, then click here to login and begin watching the newest courses. You can find the newest videos under the Group, 9.2 Navigation. If you don’t have a login to the EOne Academy, email me at amy@ilearnerp.com. We have lots of options to get you access to our EOne video library. We also have diverse learning materials such as activity guides, white papers, and knowledge checks to give you both filtered and comprehensive training content.

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