The eLearning solution for ReportsNow solves the challenge of keeping your report designers up to speed Data Access Studio (DAS), the challenge of training a new team member on DAS, and most importantly getting the maximum value out of the software. With the annual subscription to eLearning, you can confidently expect users to stop doing data extraction and manual reporting because you have provided them resources to:

  • Attend live training offered on a monthly schedule with 10 hours of live web training each month
  • Watch over 100 short topical tutorials using data from their area of expertise
  • Watch 15 + advanced webinars that build complex reports
  • Access a robust bank of FAQ
  • Read current blogs about software enhancement or ingenious report solutions
  • Receive one-on-one training support through Ask A Trainer
  • Leverage training curriculum to conduct internal training including Quick Reference Cards, robust classroom PowerPoint, manuals and white papers

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