Continuous Learning for Continuous Release with the EOne Academy™

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Next week we have the pleasure of partnering with our friends at JDEMart for a session on how to get the most out of your upgrade. We'll be exploring the implications of continuous release and what it means for training, as well as how to navigate changes while maximizing user productivity and ROI using the EOne [...]

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What Makes the EOne Academy™ Great for Today’s Learners?

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We've designed the EOne Academy™ with the learner in mind. We customize the learning experience by helping you identify your learning objectives, the scope of training you need, types of content and courses, and we'll help make sure it fits within your time-line. Once we analyze your learning needs, we can create customized learning paths, help [...]

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On Demand ReportsNow Data Access Studio Training

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One of the things we hear at conferences and trade shows (such as at the recent JD Edwards InFocus conference that took place a couple weeks ago in Denver) is that people don’t know we offer training resources for ReportsNow Data Access Studio. Not only do we have an extensive video learning library, cultivated resources on [...]

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The Release of ReportsNow DAS7

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ReportsNow recently announced the release of Data Access Studio, Version 7. We are looking forward to bringing you the latest in training so you can get the most out of DAS7! And don't worry, if you are not making the move to upgrade yet, all of our training on DAS 5.4 and DAS 6.0 will remain available to [...]

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Why Not Learn Something New Today?

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May 17th is Haiku Poetry Day. In honor of our first Japanese EOne Academy customer, we are celebrating this unofficial holiday that honors the short poetry form that originated in Japan. Haiku is a type of short poetry that is usually three sentences long. First popularized in Japan in the 17th century, Haiku as a poetry [...]

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iLearnERP – JD Edwards Training: Thinking Outside the Box

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“We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.” – Elliot Masie In full agreement with Mr. Massie, we offer JD Edwards training solutions anytime and anywhere.  Learn on-time using our comprehensive video library in the EOne Academy.  At iLearnERP, we value your time and offer you the ability to improve your job [...]

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Learner Centered JDE Training

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It was Valentine's day last weekend and perhaps I'm still feeling a bit sappy because this week I've decided to write about the ways we love our learners. As JDE trainers, we get opportunities to provide training strategies to our customers that blend classroom training, web training and practice opportunities to maximize the time the learner can invest in getting [...]

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JD Edwards Training On Demand

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The new world of JDE training reflects the on demand nature of our society today, and we at iLearnERP are on the cutting edge with our new release of the EOne Academy™ 2.0. The ways in which we access knowledge is ever changing. Think about it. When was the last time you flipped through a thick, [...]

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EOne Academy™ 2.0!

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It's been an exciting couple of weeks at iLearnERP! We are pleased to formally announce the upgrade of the EOne Academy™! The new and improved learner experience includes a more modern layout with improved search capabilities and reporting options. Learners can now access all content from their smart phones and tablets. This provides a better point of easy entry and re-entry into the content [...]

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What’s New in 9.2?

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              It's been an exciting week for us at iLearnERP. On October 6th, Oracle announced the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications release 9.2 and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools release 9.2. We've launched the following youtube video which highlights the new release. Click here to watch. We have curated getting started resources [...]

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