ReportsNow Training

Stuck on a tough report? Need to get your report designers up to speed? Our eLearning solution for ReportsNow DAS solves the challenge of training new team members, keeping up to date, and getting the maximum value out of the software. DAS University includes a variety of resources from videos to student guides to sample report solutions. What do you get with a subscription?

  • Attend live training offered on a monthly schedule with 10 hours of live web training each month
  • Watch over 150 short topical tutorials
  • Watch recorded advanced webinars that build complex reports and cover advanced topics
  • Access a robust bank of FAQ for beginners through administrators
  • Read report solution examples
  • Access our student guides and quick reference cards
  • Receive one-on-one, 24 x 7 training support through unlimited Ask a Trainer assistance at

Interested? Contact us at to get started!

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