ReportsNow_logo_sans_shadowOne of the things we hear at conferences and trade shows (such as at the recent JD Edwards InFocus conference that took place a couple weeks ago in Denver) is that people don’t know we offer training resources for ReportsNow Data Access Studio. Not only do we have an extensive video learning library, cultivated resources on DAS, frequently asked questions about DAS, and solutions ideas, we also offer live webinars and 24/7 Ask a Trainer support. These last two offerings can’t be found elsewhere.

Because we offer all things training for the JD Edwards world, we are constantly thinking through what and how we offer training. That means our subscribers can take advantage of our on demand training that is customized to suit various learning needs. We are always adding new resources for our subscribers, making sure our content is up-to-date. We also maintain all training on past versions of DAS so that users that haven’t made the jump to DAS 6.0 or DAS7 have the resources they need.

Most recently we’ve added new live webinar training on DAS7. Every month, we offer a weekly webinar series for our subscribers. I’ve included each webinar description below. During these webinars, which are demonstrated in DAS7, learners can ask their questions and get answers or tips on the spot.

Introduction to DAS Basics

This introduction to DAS is for new report writers and subscribers or anyone interested in the basics of the tool.  The session begins with basic navigation exploring the user interface, covers the basics of locating, running and exporting reports as well as the My Reports and Published Reports areas. We establish a solid DAS foundation by also locating a table or business view, building an ad-hoc report,  adding grouping, introducing calculations and Quick Calculations and publishing reports. 

DAS Intermediate

DAS Intermediate is designed for those that have basic skills in DAS. In this session we focus on adding calculations and logic to your report. We explore additional Quick Calculations, use the Trending wizards, add Parameters, develop Quick Reports and create ad hoc reports to add calculations and we focus on working with the Calculation Editor.  The core calculations covered will include Conditional, Relative Date, Relative Period and Group Summary.

DAS Advanced

DAS Advanced is for the more experienced user who has taken some training, live or virtual, and would like to begin incorporating multiple tables and presentation methods into their reports.  Topics include the Table Lookup calculation, Drill Down and Bring Back and Table Joins as well as Automatic Presentation and Global Variables.

Feature Deep Dives

DAS has so many amazing features! In the feature webinars we focus on a single powerful feature and dive deep into options, practical uses and example reports.   Our next feature deep dive will be on DAS7 Dashboards. We touched on this feature in the past in our Introducing DAS7 webinars but this feature can do much, much more!

Have questions about a subscription? Contact us anytime at [email protected]

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