Training Material Translation

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With the modern workforce becoming more and more global and diversified, we have also noticed an increase in projects where there is a need to translate training materials. Translation of training materials is essential to thoroughly train all employees to propel organizations to operate at their highest capacity. The performance levels of a well-trained organization [...]

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When Onsite Training Goes Virtual

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This week we're continuing our series on going virtual in light of COVID-19 with a look at how to shift onsite training to virtual training or eLearning. We are hopeful these resources help organizations stay effective during this time of transition and uncertainty. Let's start with the good news since we all need it more [...]

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Custom LMS and Onboarding: The Perfect Pairing

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Onboarding is a key factor to retain top talent, boost productivity and drive business. It happens before the first day on the job and extends well beyond. Between paperwork, employee information collection and integration processes, there’s a lot to remember to ensure successful orientation and action readiness. Rather than manage all of that yourself or [...]

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What is a Flipped Classroom and Why Does it Work?

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A flipped classroom (also known as an inverted classroom) is a blended learning strategy that reverses the traditional modes of instructional delivery. Activities that are typically delivered inside of the classroom are moved to outside of the classroom, and activities that are typically outside of the classroom are moved to inside of the classroom. Advances in [...]

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Training Made Easy with the End User Academy

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The End User Academy solves the most frequently encountered problems of training end users when your organization is going through common scenarios of today's digital transformation era. A new implementation, upgrade, or frequent tools releases can present challenges to getting everyone in your organization on the same EnterpriseOne mission, and the End User Academy was developed [...]

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Staying on Top of Training Trends

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At iLearnERP, we stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in training so you don't have to! Industry reports confirm that companies continue to invest in training, which is an integral part of organizational development. In 2017, training expenditures rose by 32.5%, and overall, companies spent $1,075 per learner in 2017 (compared to $814 [...]

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Become a Citizen Developer

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There's been a lot of buzz around becoming a Citizen Developer for EnterpriseOne recently and for good reason! Citizen Developers use low code platforms to create solutions that empower workers, and approach technology and software with ROI objectives in mind. Using configuration and personalization, Citizen Developers can help to reduce the need for costly customizations, as [...]

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EnterpriseOne Training with the EOne Academy – New Courses

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New to JD Edwards? Need to cross-train or pass an Oracle Certification Exam? Available on-line with stand-up video instruction, a practice environment, quizzes, case studies, measured performance and curated resources, the EOne Academy has what you need to get quickly up-to-speed in JDE. View our full Course List with 30 Modules and over 700 courses, or [...]

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Master Trainer Series on UPK: Blog 2

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Ever wanted to add page breaks to your UPK Training Guides? Follow the steps below, which apply to User Productivity Kit Version and later, to automatically insert page breaks after each topic: 1. Locate the Printtemplate.docm in System > Publishing > Styles > UPK > Training Guide > lang > en 2. Make a copy [...]

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Using UPK Record It!

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Record It! is a light version of the full UPK developer that takes only minutes to learn how to use. Best of all, what it records can be imported into the full developer for validation, refinement, editing, and format standardization. With this version came a totally revamped licensing model. No longer was it tied to Oracle’s [...]

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