OrchestratorAre you interested in using the Orchestrator Studio but hampered by the complex technical requirements of learning a new system? In the EOne Academy, our new Orchestrator learning path provides simplified, easy-to-follow videos that allow you to create each of the components that can go into an Orchestration and then construct a complex Orchestration. While the Orchestrator Studio can mimic the work of an end user and automate tedious tasks, it takes capable people to build these solutions. In the Orchestrator section videos, you’ll find out how the Orchestrator:
  1. Connects Internet of Things (IoT) data to your Business Data
  2. Integrates Third Party Solutions into EnterpriseOne
  3. Automates Common Business Processes &
  4. Monitors All Aspects of your Business

By presenting the processes and architecture in a simplified way, end users and experienced users alike will feel confident in their ability to develop Orchestrations and Notifications that provide value to their organization. Follow along to construct your first orchestrations and see them work in EnterpriseOne. Develop and subscribe to various types of notifications so you are connected to critical data. The maker movement has given JD Edwards reason to help others create, control, and automate their operations. You can begin your journey to automation and greater efficiency by learning about the Orchestrator Studio in the EOne Academy today.

Interested in a subscription? Email us. Want to learn more about the EOne Academy? Click here.

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