Announcing New DAS8 Content in DAS University!

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We're excited to announce that we are adding new DAS8 content to DAS University next week! In addition to browsing this new content, subscribers can also attend our live webinar on August 15th on the Net Change for upgrading from DAS7 to DAS8. If you are a subscriber, stay tuned to your inbox for the [...]

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Our ReportsNow Training Services

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We just finished a week of live DAS webinar training for subscribers to our ReportsNow Training. Every month we offer 10 hours of live training that covers the Basics of DAS, all the way through Advanced instruction with a monthly featured deep dive. Curious about why you might want to subscribe and what you would get [...]

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ReportsNow DAS7 Live Webinar Training

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Each month we deliver 10 hours of live webinar training for our DAS University subscribers, and this month we are mixing up the format of our webinars, offering more sessions that are tailored to the needs of subscribers with different DAS skill - sets. In addition to the video training, resources, and 24/7 access to Ask [...]

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What’s New in ReportsNow Training

By |2019-02-16T16:40:03-07:00October 10th, 2016|Categories: DAS University|Tags: , , , , , , , |

With the new release of DAS7, it's an exciting time for ReportsNow training. We're currently in the process of recording 60 new training videos for DAS7 in Foundations, Finance, Operations and HR/Payroll. We'll have these available very soon so stay posted! We’ve also recently added new live webinar training on DAS7. Every month, we offer a [...]

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The Release of ReportsNow DAS7

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ReportsNow recently announced the release of Data Access Studio, Version 7. We are looking forward to bringing you the latest in training so you can get the most out of DAS7! And don't worry, if you are not making the move to upgrade yet, all of our training on DAS 5.4 and DAS 6.0 will remain available to [...]

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