iLearn-DAS-Logo-Green-i-WebReportsNow recently announced the release of Data Access Studio, Version 7. We are looking forward to bringing you the latest in training so you can get the most out of DAS7! And don’t worry, if you are not making the move to upgrade yet, all of our training on DAS 5.4 and DAS 6.0 will remain available to our subscribers. Didn’t know we offered training for DAS? Check out all we have to offer with DAS eLearning and schedule a demo today.

For those of you already on DAS 6.0, you won’t have to get used to a new interface. Most of the features you are accustomed to will remain the same, but there are some new capabilities that are very exciting. First, DAS7 is compatible with Mobie. Mobie provides business intelligence that’s mobile friendly. According to ReportsNow, “DAS7 includes the design environment for creating dashboards that can be published to mobie. The ability to create dashboards is included in Version 7 and if you want to take it to the next step, you can purchase mobie to make them available to any Web or mobile user that you wish, even users that are not JD Edwards users.” DAS7 also provides enhancements to the Automator and Calculation Editor, including new helps for debugging your reports. It also has new features such as the ability to select the public folder you want to publish a report to rather than requiring administrator approval and prep.

Our next week of DAS webinars is fast approaching on June 13th-June 17th. Don’t forget to register if you are a subscriber.  On Friday, June 17th, our Feature Deep Dive session will provide an introduction to DAS7. To read about DAS7 before the webinar, check out this ReportsNow DAS7 Datasheet, as well as What’s New in DAS7? We’ll be covering some highlights of what has changed and what is new. We are excited about this new release and look forward to continuing to provide training for all that DAS has to offer!

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