The ReportsNow® solution, Data Access Studio (DAS) has been called the most effective reporting tool in the JDE Enterprise space. The following is a brief description from ReportsNow for JDE users unfamiliar with the tool:

reportsnow“Data Access Studio from ReportsNow® is a powerful and dynamic reporting solution that helps business users easily design and build reports without needing technical skills. Users can automate and distribute their own reports in seconds reducing dependency on IT and developers. With a few clicks users turn their reports into dashboards or alerts. Our “no fuss” interface allows users to automate all of their recurring reports, alerts and dashboards without IT assistance.”

You can learn more about the product on the ReportsNow® website. You can also request a demo by contacting [email protected]. Our DAS eLearning solution at iLearnERP helps users get the most out of Data Access Studio with our on-demand learning resources and training support. We offer hundreds of short tutorials created by our certified DAS training team, including DAS eLearning video lessons introducing DAS, Subscriber and Designer roles. Our lessons are ordered by application area and you can watch lessons specifically for the new release 6.0 net change if you are upgrading from DAS 5.4. We offer 24/7 support for subscribers with our Ask A Trainer feature where you can get assistance for any DAS issue. We send monthly updates to subscribers that includes the latest tips and tricks so users can get the most out of the solution. We also have additional resources such as Quick Reference Guides, classroom training guides, and ReportsNow documentation. We are always adding and updating to our resources for our subscribers. This month’s additions include new Ask a Trainer Questions and Answers, updates to our Cheat Sheets, and 6.0 Recorded Webinars.

 This week is also our DAS week. Each month we offer 10 hours of live web training with a daily session on DAS. If you are a current DAS eLearning subscriber and still wish to sign up this week, simply click on the day to register.

Introduction to DAS – Monday, March 7th, 2016 – This course is for new report writers and subscribers and includes an introduction to basic navigation, locating, running and exporting reports and exploring the My Reports and Published Reports areas.

DAS Basics – Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 – Join this session to learn how to locate a table or business view, build an ad-hoc report, add grouping and basic calculations and publish a report.

DAS Intermediate – Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 – This session focuses on adding calculations and logic to your report using the Calculation Editor.  We will explore additional Quick Calculations, use the Trending wizards, add Parameters and develop Quick Reports.

DAS Advanced – Thursday, March 10th, 2016 – Join this session after you have some experience with the tool and want to use functions such as Table Lookup, Table Join, Drill Down, Bring Back and Automatic Presentation.

Features Deep Dive – External Data – Friday, March 11th, 2016 – Probably one of our most frequently asked questions, this session will cover the basics of how to work with external data in DAS and what some of the available options are for connecting information.
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