JD Edwards Training On Demand

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The new world of JDE training reflects the on demand nature of our society today, and we at iLearnERP are on the cutting edge with our new release of the EOne Academy™ 2.0. The ways in which we access knowledge is ever changing. Think about it. When was the last time you flipped through a thick, [...]

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EOne Academy™ 2.0!

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It's been an exciting couple of weeks at iLearnERP! We are pleased to formally announce the upgrade of the EOne Academy™! The new and improved learner experience includes a more modern layout with improved search capabilities and reporting options. Learners can now access all content from their smart phones and tablets. This provides a better point of easy entry and re-entry into the content [...]

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Just-in-Time Learning and JDE Training with the EOne Academy

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Getting new employees up to speed and keeping current employees engaged in learning new skill sets can soak up a lot of time, energy and resources. The EOne Academy™ provides a helpful platform for companies to save on JDE training travel and education costs, and offers video learning that can be accessed anytime and "just-in-time." Though new technologies can be intimidating, a [...]

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The EOne Academy™ is now Trade Marked

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After a lengthy and detailed process, the US Patent Office has granted the EOne Academy™ a unique Trade Mark. What does this mean? Not much…but it’s pretty cool to know we created a one of a kind JDE training solution recognized by the United States government to be awesome! Ok, maybe the certificate doesn’t say ‘awesome’ [...]

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JDE 101 incorporates the EOne Academy

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If you frequent LinkedIn or the blogging world you may have caught wind of Andy Klee’s latest endeavor, JDE 101. Boy has this one taken off! JDE 101 is a non-profit entity hosting JD Training workshops at universities across the country. This program will be for students enrolled in 4 year schools who are looking for [...]

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